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(DGC) Dickinson Group of Companies offers Furnace Services


DGC has been in the furnace business since 1928; when the company was involved in the construction of one of South Africa’s first Blast Furnaces. Since then, the company has been extensively involved in numerous furnace Greenfield and Brownfield projects on industrial furnaces within the metals smelting, mineral process, power generation, and petrochemical refining industries throughout sub-Saharan Africa, and internationally in numerous countries around the globe, including the Middle East, Scandinavia, Latin America, Russia, and CIS Countries.

The company provides a comprehensive range of furnace services to support clients in various aspects of furnace projects and maintenance. DGC’s Furnace Services comprise of the following:

dickinson group's furnace rebuild projects
dickinson group's furnace demolition
dickinson group's refractory installation
dickinson group's precast refractory shapes
dickinson group's furnace hotwork services
dickinson group's furnace inspection services
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