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Dickinson Industries (Pty) Ltd; a subsidiary of Dickinson Group of Companies has been designing, manufacturing, and installing standard, custom-made high-quality refractory anchors as well as a wide range of anchor supporting systems for more than 35 years.

The company manufactures and distributes an extensive range of refractory anchors, steel fibres, hex mesh, stud-welding equipment, shear connectors, and arc and wear studs for standard industrial use, through specialty applications in the Mining, Metals Smelting, Mineral Processing, and Petrochemical Industries.

The extensive range of Refractory Anchor Systems includes the following categories:

  • Refractory Anchors

  • Ceramic Fibre Anchors

  • Refractory Armour Systems

  • Reinforcing Fibres

  • Stud-welding Equipment

  • CD Pins and Clips

  • Wear Studs and Spike Studs

  • Shear Connectors

Refractory Ancors
Shear Studs
Wear Studs
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