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(DGC) Dickinson Group of Companies provides turnkey Furnace Rebuild Projects


DGC has more than 90 years of experience in providing turnkey furnace rebuild projects. The Group was founded in 1910 as a building construction company and in 1928 the company constructed one of South Africa’s first Blast Furnaces, which marked the beginning of the company’s furnace business. 

The company has been extensively involved in the initial construction and shutdown projects on industrial furnaces for the metals smelting, mineral process, power generation, and petrochemical refining industries.


The company provides Turnkey Furnace Rebuild Project Services for major furnace outages which cover the entire scope of work including but not limited to; project and construction management services, furnace decommissioning, salamander tapping, furnace demolition, and refractory installation, civil, electrical, mechanical fabrication & erection works and furnace commissioning.


At the forefront of technology, DGC collaborates with leading engineering and design companies, procuring, manufacturing, and installing refractory materials, which comply with stringent quality specifications, safety standards and are cost-effective for the application.

With experienced management, expert supervision, highly skilled motivated personnel, state-of-the-art equipment, and standard operating procedures with high regard for health, safety, environment, and quality; the company offers clients cost-effective and tailor-made integrated solutions. DGC renders professional turnkey services to large, global, diversified minerals processing and metals smelting companies.


The scope of services on turnkey furnace rebuild projects for major furnace outages include:

  • Project and construction management

  • Salamander tapping, controlled furnace decommissioning and cooling

  • Civil and structural works

  • Electrical and instrumentation works

  • Mechanical, structural, steel, and piping dismantling, fabrication, and erection

  • Refractory materials management, including selection, procurement, and testing

  • Quality assurance and control systems

  • Demolition of furnaces, removal of refractory linings, and waste management

  • Design, manufacture, and installation of anchor systems

  • Manufacture of customized precast refractory shapes

  • Installation of refractory materials

  • Hot and cold furnace repairs

  • Hot sealing and insulation

  • Drilling and installation of thermocouples

  • Drying and curing of refractory linings

  • Furnace start-ups and commissioning


The company takes sole responsibility for the entire scope of work and delivers the furnace rebuilt and ready for operation accordingly. This integrated and multidisciplinary service includes:

  • Shutdown planning

  • Construction management

  • Project management

  • Shutdown management

  • Tender and project management of subcontractors

Our Furnace Projects team’s experienced professionals will plan, execute, control and manage the entire furnace rebuild project. The dedicated team employs modern tools and project management software to safely manage a rebuild in the shortest possible time. Dickinson Group of Companies provides a consolidated and integrated solution; offering multi-disciplinary services on turnkey furnace rebuild projects.