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(DGC) Dickinson Group of Companies is a leading provider of furnace demolition


DGC is a leading provider of specialist Furnace Demolition Services. Over the past 25 years the company has undertaken numerous demanding furnace demolition projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

The company’s extensive client base includes blue-chip companies in the mining, metal smelting, mineral processing, and industrial sectors, Glencore, First Quantum Minerals, Anglo Platinum, Northam Platinum, Rio Tinto, Samancor, South 32, ArcelorMittal, Lafarge Holcim, and many others. The company has the capacity, technology, expertise, and know-how to undertake complex furnace demolition projects. DGC utilizes equipment and methodologies which are highly innovative, modern, and customized for improved and safer access to challenging sites. 


  • Turnkey demolition of furnaces

  • Demolition and removal of refractories

  • Confined space demolition

  • Remote controlled demolition equipment

  • Technology and expertise for effective demolition of hot and cold materials

  • Mechanical demolition and dismantling of equipment and structures

  • Site clean-up and rehabilitation

  • Fast-track shutdowns under 24/7 conditions

  • Accredited with high safety standards



The company has modern, advanced and purpose-designed mechanical demolition equipment, capable of meeting the challenges posed by large, demanding furnace demolition projects. The latest technology and methodologies used substantially reduce the manpower, project duration and improve the safety profile of projects.

The technologies utilized include:

  • Remote-controlled demolition equipment

  • High powered crawler excavators & hydraulic breakers

  • Mechanical dismantling & rigging

  • Thermal oxygen lancing

  • Liquid nitrogen cooling

  • Controlled hot blasting



DGC operates according to international best practices to achieve the highest levels of Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality.

The company’s mechanised demolition techniques reduce the direct physical interface between personnel and demolition actions, thereby dramatically improving the safety profile of projects in comparison to the conventional labour-intensive methods otherwise used. 

The safety of our employees and contractors is an integral part of our business, with the goal of Zero Harm. The company seeks to create a mind-set where employees believe it is possible to work injury free, regardless of the role they perform or in which business division they work. It is Dickinson’s policy to develop and maintain a “model” occupational health, safety and environmental program.

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