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Customised precast refractory shapes


DGC has more than 30 years of experience as a leader in the design and manufacture of customized precast refractory shapes.

With world-class production facilities, engineering, and design technology, the company has the capability to manufacture a wide range of precast shapes for various applications.

DGC’s Precast Division was established in 1986, specializing in the manufacture of customized precast refractory shapes. The precast refractory shapes are manufactured off-site under controlled conditions, dried out at our production facilities under stringent quality control measures, ensuring the manufacture of accurate moulds and final casting of special shapes to ensure an enhanced product service life. Precast refractory shapes offer the added benefits of ease of installation and shortened repair times.

  • Leaders in the development of applications for precast refractory shapes

  • Excellent & State-of-the-art Production Facilities

  • Stringent Quality Control Measures

  • 3D Parametric Computer Modelling Software

  • Latest Polystyrene Cutting & Mould Design Technology

  • Overhead Cranage to Lift Large “Big Block” Precast Shapes

  • High-Intensity Paddle Mixers

  • Reliable & Efficient Service

  • Ensuring Enhanced Service Life

The company’s precast facility is adequately equipped with overhead cranes, that are highly capable of moving and hoisting big blocks from the casting area to the drying furnace or loading finished products onto trucks. The precast facility is well equipped and suitably designed with adequate space, enabling trucks to drive safely in and out of the facility for offloading and loading. 

Furnace Applications:

  • Launders

  • Ladles

  • Burners

  • Feed Chutes

  • Bull Nose

  • TAD Damper

  • Cyclone Roofs

  • Kiln Hood Roofs

  • Cement Burner Lance

  • Coke Oven Bricks & Modules