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(DGC) Dickinson Group of Companies shows commitment to the health and safety of all their industrial employees


The 'Health and Safety' of all our employees is a priority and is an integral part of our business, and underpins every decision we make and every action we take across all our business operations.

The company operates according to international best practices, with the goal of ZERO HARM to all our employees, as well as achieving the highest practical levels of Safety, Health, Environmental, and Quality Control.

On a day-to-day basis, we strive, with our employees, customers, and contractors, throughout all our facilities, operational worksites, and offices, to achieve the very highest safety standards.

Dickinson Group's health and safety of employees



Throughout DGC's operations across the globe, we are aware that the complexity and diversity of our range of asset integrity management and industrial solutions to the mining & metallurgical, glass, mineral processing, and manufacturing industries are by their very nature high safety risk services.  


For that reason, throughout our organization and at every group level, numerous initiatives have been introduced to improve safety. These initiatives are always part of a continuous improvement process based on identifying, analyzing, and controlling risks.


To reduce these risks and make safety a genuine value shared by all its employees, DGC is committed to making safety a basis of its corporate culture.


The approach that we adopt promotes a culture where all our employees create a mindset that it is possible to perform all work activities injury-free, regardless of what role they perform throughout our organization.


Furthermore, the 'safety culture' that we promote enables everyone to become involved and give their opinion on topics relating to health and safety. Promoting the commitment of everyone creates a collective commitment and helps to develop a genuine safety culture throughout our organization.

Trevor Dickinson


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