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Dickinson Industries (Pty) Ltd offers a range of Melt Extract (ME) reinforcing fibres for different applications; from standard industrial uses to specialty applications such as extreme temperature, high corrosion, and niche industry requirements.


Our fibre technology extends refractory life and offers added benefits such as outstanding spalling resistance, superb fracture toughness, better abrasion resistance, superior thermal and mechanical shock resistance, and uniform alloying characteristics.

To meet the demands of its customers in high-temperature processing industries, Dickinson Industries (Pty) Ltd exerts strict quality control and quality assurance measures to ensure alloy purity and consistency while enforcing the dimensional and physical requirements. The use of our stainless steel alloy fibres substantially improves refractory durability and performance and reduces refractory installation, maintenance, and material


The company supplies the finest steel fibre products and technology with excellent properties including:


  • Custom fibre designs

  • Excellent crack control

  • Superior installation performance

  • Unequalled cost-effectiveness

  • Ideal for all modern installation techniques

  • Lightweight

  • High Stiffness

  • High energy absorption

  • High noise and vibration-damping properties

Stainless Steel Fibres for Refractories
Stainless Steel Fibres for Refractories
Stainless Steel Fibres for Refractories
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