Coke Oven Repair Innovation

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    Coke Oven Repair Innovation

    Coke is widely used in various industrial processes, coke ovens like any other furnace regularly require refractory maintenance.

    The highly innovative big block technology (precast refractory blocks) has completely revolutionized the refractory maintenance process as well as the performance of coke ovens. The precast refractory blocks are designed and manufactured using state of the art machinery, patented processes and under standardized conditions. The customised precast refractory shapes are also subjected to a series of quality control and analysis checks throughout their production process to guarantee performance. 

    What the Big Block Technology Means to Coke Oven Refractory Maintenance

    • Duration of maintenance activities: Each Big BLOCK module replaces 27 bricks, thereby significantly reducing refractory maintenance downtime.
    • Complexity: The highly skilled and labor intensive task of bricklaying is reduced to simple equipment based rigging.
    • Manpower: the refractory installation task that required about 60 skilled bricklayers can be done by 10-12 in-house personnel or riggers.
    • Strength: Increased modular strength to reduce breakage blow-outs caused by stickers or overheated walls.
    • Closed Flue Design: does not allow for oven gas to flow into flue if a mortar joint fails.
    • Mortar Joints: 89% fewer mortar joints in the oven chamber, thereby drastically reducing the coke oven’s heat losses and increasing its energy efficiency.
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