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After the manufacturing of high-quality coating systems, the final variable in the product’s usefulness is the application. Careful and proper application is key to the success of any coating. There are three vital elements to effective coating protections, the material, surface preparation, and application. The purpose of coating application is to develop a highly adherent continuous protective layer of material over the substrate in a relatively constant and even thickness. 

DGC utilizes the best possible method of application to achieve not only the best finish but also the most accurate and consistent film formation based on the selected material and accessibility. The company also monitors environmental conditions before and during all applications to ensure that no external climatic conditions can influence the curing or performance of the coating system being applied.



For a specification to serve a useful purpose, it needs to be complied with; a good specification that is adhered to will produce optimum coating life and is economically advantageous.

DGC will not compromise on quality. A Qualified inspector will conduct regular inspections to ensure that the conditions and limitations of the specification are adhered to without compromise. The company undertakes critical inspections before, during, and after surface preparation and coating applications in accordance with various international standards as outlined below:

  • Measuring ambient temperature, Relative Humidity, surface temp and Dew point

ASTM D4230



  • Measuring the profile size on steel after abrasive grit blasting

ASTM D4417

  • Testing the amount of dust & debris on the surface

ISO 8502-3

  • Testing of soluble salt deposits on the substrate

ISO 8502-6

  • Measuring the DFT (Dry Film Thickness) / coating thicknesses of cured products on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates

ASTM D7091 or SSPC PA2

  • Determining the pH of concrete, especially when the substrate was exposed to acidic environments

ASTM D4262

  • Measuring the moisture content of concrete

ASTM F2170

  • Measuring the coating adhesion by means of destructive testing. This test is normally conducted as a PQT


  • Measuring the WFT (Wet Film Thickness) of a coating

ASTM D4414

(Pre-qualification test), however can be required more often

ASTM D7234

ASTM D4541


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