DGC Projects provides specialist services for Rotary Kilns / Vessels. The services are tailored for the main Rotary Equipment as well as the associated peripherals; including but not limited to key components like the support rollers and drive transfer units. Our precision onsite and offsite services coupled with our flexibility towards customers’ unique needs allow for significant reductions in equipment downtime.


The majority of problems associated with rotary kilns / vessels can be attributed to misalignment. As such, comprehensive hot kiln alignment significantly contributes towards rotary kilns’ / vessels’ ability to achieve maximum efficiency throughout their service life, whilst eliminating unforeseen breakdowns.

Our Hot and Cold Kiln Alignment Services in association with our Routine Inspection Services are tailored to increase plant availability, reduce maintenance related costs and provide more optimal plant efficiency. Some of the consequences of not timeously doing routine or planned alignment are summarised below:

  • Plant operating outside optimal conditions

  • Excessive and unnecessary forces on the vessel/kiln shell

  • Metal fatigue and cracking of tyre and shell

  • Deformation of vessel/kiln

  • Excessive stress on tyres and rollers

  • Undue wear on tyres and rollers

  • Unnecessary loads on the drive mechanism

  • Damage to end seals

  • Premature bearing failure

  • Frequent premature failure on the refractory lining



DGC Projects offers world-class Tyre and Roller Grinding Services; conducting in-situ grinding of tyres and support rollers without incurring any kiln downtime. The onsite services include the re-grinding or resurfacing of tyres, trunnions and rollers of various sizes whether floating or fixed. Resurfacing or grinding results in a smoother uniform contact surface between the riding ring and the support rollers, reducing the amount of energy required for rotation.


Depending on the conditions and the site requirements the company offers both belt grinding and cup grinding options. The key differences are summarised below:


Belt grinding

  • The machine can be used to grind riding ring and roller supports

  • Setup up is relatively quick and simple

  • Produces excellent finishes

Cup grinding

  • Different machines used for riding ring and roller supports

  • Material removal rates are higher and deeper grinding depths are easily achieved

  • Accuracy of setup is easily achieved



Our maintenance inspection programmes are designed to help clients adopt proactive approaches to rotary kiln maintenance. The direct benefits of the maintenance and inspection programmes include:


  • Compilation of wear rate records for mechanical components

  • Reduction in unplanned stoppages

  • Maximise plant availability thereby increasing production and reducing operating costs

  • Reduced wear rates achieved by maintaining alignment

  • Assist in planning for programmed shut downs

  • Assists in budget planning for replacement of high cost items

Our experienced teams are also capable of conducting trouble shooting and root cause analysis. Thereby providing technical guidance and support to our customers.



DGC Projects has focused teams dedicated to consistently delivering the highest standards of refurbishment, repair and installation activities.


Our expertise includes the following:


  • Installation of new rotary vessels

  • Relocation of rotary vessels

  • Replacement of shell sections, trunnion rollers, tyres, tyre chairs and tyre stops

  • Reconditioning of trunnion roller bearings

  • Re-setting of bedplates

  • Replacement of girth gears and pinions

  • Recentring of girth gears

  • Shell repairs, robotic kiln shell welding

  • Alignment and adjustment of trunnion rollers.

We are committed to the specific needs of our clients and therefore ensure our execution teams are efficiently managed and supported to deliver a quality service while maintaining zero harm.