Dickinson Group of Companies is the official appointed Bricking Solutions’ (USA) distributors and agents in Sub-Saharan Africa for their range of custom rotary kiln refractory maintenance products.

    Dickinson’s distributorship territory includes South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique. 

    For over 40 years Bricking Solutions have been manufacturing custom rotary kiln refractory maintenance products which make up our Circle of Refractory Maintenance.

    Our bricking machines and other custom maintenance products are designed with safety and cost effectiveness as priorities.

    Our products will assist your plant in ensuring safe, quality and fast kiln maintenance.



    The EZ Flexx50 is Bricking Solutions’ newest bricking machine. The flexible arch allows for easy adjustment inside the kiln for either minor kiln distortion, or to accommodate conical sections or ovality. The EZ Flexx50 Bricking Machine comes in any kiln size or range from 3.6m and up, or can be customized to your plant’s needs. With a wide variety of additional features for added efficiency, not only is it the safest bricking machine in the industry, it is also the best.

    • Frames and structural components manufactured from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum
    • Lightest total weight in the industry
    • Components fold for easy storage
    • Symmetrical part design with pin connections for fast and easy assembly
    • Standard 4,000 kg (8,800 lb) load capacity and 4.3M (14’) work platform. Allows for 2 pallets of bricks (1,540 kg) plus men and equipment. Highest load capacity in the industry
    • Simple jack screws allow for easy adjustment of distance between arch and shell
    • Ergonomic Cut-Away Keying Section, exclusive to Bricking Solutions, gives the Key Mason easy access to down-kiln arch giving a clear view for critical key brick installation
    • Engineered cut-outs incorporated into arch panels for the lightest arch in the industry
    • New cylinders are field repairable

    Ez Flexx50 Bricking Machine Small 3M - 4M

    The Ez Flexx50 Small is mini version of the standard Ez Flexx50. The only difference is the range and capacity

    • Standard 2,722 kg (6,800 lb) load capacity and 3.65M (12’) work platform. Allows for 2 pallets of bricks (1,540 kg) plus men and equipment. Highest load capacity in the industry
    • Full range from 3M - 4M or 5M ranges

    Econ-O-Ring (ECOR) is an adjustable, economically priced, medium duty machine designed to service kilns from 2.4m through 3.7m inside brick diameter. The ECOR is a double arched adjustable bricking machine. With a unique adjustable frame system multiple hinged arch sections. This allows the ECOR to be adjusted to many different diameter combinations within its range.

    Mini Econ-O-Ring (MECOR) is an adjustable, economically priced, small duty machine designed to service kilns from 1.2m to 2.5m kiln diameter. 

    The MECOR is a single arched adjustable bricking machine. Mini Econ-O-Ring can be used in burning chambers for paper mill drying kiln, tertiary return duct in a cement plant, satellite cooler tubes on a cement rotary kiln, and small vessel, kilns and furnaces.

    Torpedo Ladle Brick Lining Machine, this bricking machine is designed for installation of refractory in torpedo ladles for the steel industry. It replaces old fashion wood form and wedges and greatly reduces set-up and installation time. The machine is designed and fabricated out of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum with custom Aluminum Perf-O-Grip Planking and a 2,722 kg (6,000 kg) net capacity aluminum frame with rails to support trolley. Custom made flex arch with flexible hinge connections to allow arch wings to adjust toward and away from kiln wall arch stabilizer post to adjust proper distance of arch from shell. Every hour that your kiln is down is another hour of production lost - therefore it is essential to make installations as quickly as possible.

    By making your team's job easier for them, they are less fatigued and less likely to be injured - therefore better able to concentrate on the higher quality installation made possible by our equipment.

    The three main goals when installing brick in rotary kilns is safety, quality, and speed of installation.

    Unfortunately, these goals can sometimes be conflicting. For refractory contractors that service many different sizes of kilns, they need a machine that will service a wide range of kiln diameters. Insures quality with pneumatic cylinders assisting in the precise placement of brick.

    By using the pneumatic cylinders to hold brick in place, there is never any unsupported, keyed brick overhead. Ergonomic design reduces the need for multiple machines and reduces fatigue.

    Bedding Cart

    The Bedding Cart not only allows for the movement of bedding refractory as the bedding process progresses, but provides stair steps to facilitate the placement of refractory to or just above the spring line on larger kilns.

    When bedding out the bottom half of a kiln, staging needs to be erected to provide a flat surface for the mason to place brick to or slightly above the spring line. The Bedding Cart also is a storage area for refractory and rolls up kiln as work progresses. In addition, the deck is on wheels and holds 1-2 pallets of brick allowing the brick to move in conjunction with the work.

    Kiln Access Ramps

    Kiln Access Ramps get personnel and equipment in and out of the kilns safely.

    Each ramp is custom designed by certified professional engineers and are made with high grade 6061 T6 aluminium, strong as steel and half the weight.  Lightweight T6 aluminium construction is easy to handle and install, most ramps install in 1.5 - 2 hours.


    The ramps are designed to support 6,804 kg live load with a 3:1 safety factor and Increase productivity by allowing fast efficient material and equipment access. Brokk outrigger matting support is also available for kiln tear out on the bridge section of the ramp. Our ramps are custom designed to fit your specific burn floor with precision. Personnel ramps are also available and increase safety by ensuring safe passage in and out of the kiln.

    Universal Safety Cage

    Our NEW Universal Safety Cage has been designed to be lighter and safer than previous models. With the new design, the cumbersome weight is no longer a problem and one cage is suitable for kiln sizes ranging from 4M up to 6M. This means only one cage is needed for your plant. The New Universal Safety Cage is designed to withstand a solid impact of 114 kg (250 lb) dropped from over 2438mm (96”). The new cage, being half the weight of the old style, is easily carried by two plant personnel.

    The Safety Inspection Cage allows personnel to move safely inside your kiln and offer a safe haven against falling debris. Safety Inspection Cages are lightweight and easy to set up for inspection or small patchwork on the kiln.

    Personnel Protective Tunnel Systems

    Protection Tunnels are designed for worker safety from falling coating that withstands impacts of up to 113.5 kg dropped from 915 mm.

    Tunnels are custom built to specific kiln requirements.

    The system includes a Set Up Cage, A Safety Inspection Cage and Tunnel Cages. These 3 different types allows you to easily set up the tunnel system while safely undercover the entire time. The tunnel system can be any length but should span the length of your burn zone or coating.


    The EZ Lift Suspended Platform is Bricking Solutions’ newest equipment for vertical brick work. Modular structure of high- strength aluminum components designed to provide a flexible, maneuverable work platform for personnel and equipment in vertical vessels. The Ez Lift Suspended Platform can be used in lime kilns, pre calciners, cyclones, Isamelt furnaces and other types of vertical vessels.

    The suspended platform allows personnel to safely and easily inspect or install refractory. The platform is configurable to four size ranges (Custom ranges available upon request):

    B: 11.5 ft - 15 ft (3.5M - 4.6M)
    C: 15 ft - 18.5 ft (4.6M - 5.6M
    D: 18.5 ft - 22 ft (5.6M - 6.7M) 

    * Deck sizes - vessel shell size depends on brick ID and designed clearance between deck and brick. The platform can be ordered with custom sized outer panels to fit any diameter between 3 m and 7 m

    All components are modular and assembly is relatively easy with parts no heavier than 22 kg. Most platforms can be assembled on the vessel floor in an hour.

    The Platform is designed for easy hoist attachment and spaces near hoist brackets allow all cables to be clear of the work platform.

    The structure’s radial beams have integrated, mechanically extendable outriggers to position and stabilize platform and to protect new brick. Designed to meet specific platform size, diameter range, load capacity, and features.


    The number one reason for slow bricking times is slow supply of brick to the masons. Every plant has different obstacles such as: limited access, small burn floor, small kiln diameter, or the location of the job. Replacement of brick could be down in the cooler or way up in the intake section of the kiln. These are only a few of the many different examples of difficult supply demands.

    Bricking Solutions have spent many hours with customers and contractors going over their needs and transportation is by far the hardest to overcome. There are many ways to move brick, on a particular job. There may be only one good way or a combination of ways. That is why Bricking Solutions have tried to develop transportation systems that are designed for the specific job at hand.

    Bricking Solutions try to discuss all the transportation problems and develop a total system that can be used for the entire kiln bricking operation. Bricking Solutions have designed various types of conveyors, trams, lift carts and rollers. These devices can handle brick along with moving equipment, materials and debris. By understanding the total operation, Bricking Solutions are able to design for working fixtures that are easy to use and can be disassembled and stored away when not in use. Bricking Solutions also make the components light weight for easy handling and assembly.


    The Port-a-Trac is a light-weight, aluminium, modular system for transporting full pallets of brick into the kiln and under the Bricking Machine scaffold.

    To move a pallet of brick up-kiln in small kilns where forklift access is prohibited requires a cost in time and manual labour or a custom solution. The challenge of transporting brick up-kiln will depend mostly on the size of the kiln and the condition of the surface of the kiln.

    The smaller the kiln, the smaller the access under the bricking machine frames. The more limited the access the more difficult it is to get brick past the machine to the bedding crew.

    Furthermore, it is advantageous to transport the brick as a pallet rather than individually not only for obvious speed advantages, but to avoid potential damage to the individual brick.

    With a Port-A-Trac, 2 men can easily push a 1,8 ton pallet of brick up the kiln and under a Bricking Machine. Our Port-A-Trac can be the standard 10.5m or can run the full length of your kiln.

    Hydraulic Conveyors

    The belt conveyor is an all-aluminium, modular conveyor system designed for portability, easy set up, and trouble free performance and one brick transport solution. The conveyor is hydraulically driven with forward/reversing and variable speed adjustment. These conveyors are continuous belts, but can be lengthened in 3 m foot increments up to 60 m feet long.

    Lightweight aluminium modular sections are easy to handle at 17 kg each. System can be set up on the ground, springboards, or elevated on adjustable legs as required. The conveyor comes in 3 different widths; 305mm, 508mm or 762mm.

    Incline Conveyors

    The Incline Conveyor allows you to transfer brick or refractory from the kiln floor to the bricking machine work platform with minimal effort.

    This is a perfect solution if there is no access for a fork lift to enter the kiln to place pallets of brick onto the machine. This cuts down time and labour, allowing your masons to always have bricks ready to install. The conveyor is made of lightweight, high-strength aluminium and has a modular design for quick and easy assembly.

    Material Basket

    The Material Basket is strong, lightweight aluminium-frame that will keep contents stable, secure, and contained.

    For carrying tools, machines, rubble, or up to two pallets of brick. Can be lifted or carried with crane or forklift. When the burn floor cannot be pre-stocked with brick due to limited space, an efficient method for moving quantities of brick to the burn floor is necessary.

    Radialign Laser Alignment

    The "Radialign" laser alignment device ensures refractory is installed perpendicular to the axis of the kiln.

    The use of the Radialign prevents errors from being made due to manual measurement from distorted or worn away weld seams. This in turn means longer refractory life due to less mechanical stress.

    Our customers were becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the old methods for determining radial alignment and were frustrated with the amount of downtime of their kilns due to improperly installed brick.

    It is critical to install the brick perpendicular to the axis of the kiln. If the bricks are not placed in the proper alignment, the chance for premature brick failure will greatly increase. 

    We have documented cases of the laser being used for the first time inside of a kiln and the laser’s accuracy discovered improperly installed retaining rings; these retaining rings are the foundation for properly installed brick.

    Radialign Burner Alignment

    Burner alignment is achieved by a laser mounting fixture and kiln target.  The laser mounting fixture inserts in one of your burner tube ports which aligns it with the burner centerline axis.  An adjustable target in the kiln identifies the center for the laser to align. In some cases, the laser fixture can be mounted on the back of the burner tube and shoot through the middle to the target.



    The Linometer XLNT measures lining thickness with an accuracy of 99%, requiring only a few seconds. It often takes less than 30 minutes for a single operator to make comprehensive measurements on an entire section of your kiln. Unlike traditional measurement, where you must drill holes in your lining, the Linometer™. XLNT requires only that you clear a small patch of coating from the lining’s surface. Because it is quick and completely non-invasive, you can make more measurements, more often. This gives you a truly accurate picture of your lining’s condition, and lets you plan and rationalize your lining replacement.


    Efficiency Features

    • Up to 72,000 measurements can be made and stored in the instrument itself
    • Up to 12 measurements can be made at each point, for a detailed picture of the lining’s condition at that ring
    • You get precise and repeatable measuring points on the length of the kiln, thanks to the laser guide
    • Data is easily downloaded, and can be imported into a spreadsheet or your lining maintenance software
    • Compact and light-weight, the instrument itself weighs only 845 g (1.80 lb), and probe and extension rod together
    • Weigh only 806 g (1.77 lb)
    • The probe’s ‘footprint’ has been cut in half, so you spend less time removing coating from the brick surface.



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