Dickinson Group of Companies, a Leading Provider of Furnace and Industrial Services offers a full range of One-Site Thermal Metal Spray Coating services to the Mining, Metal Smelting, Mineral Processing and Heavy Industrial Industries.

    Thermal Metal Spray Coating
    is a state-of-the-art technology as a preventive measure on new or used equipment to reengineer surfaces as to better suit the operating conditions, thereby drastically increasing equipment lifespan. It may also be applied to as a corrective action to restore the surface of worn equipment; this is done on site thereby significantly reducing the associated costs of repair and downtime compared to the equipment replacement or other traditional repair methods that usually require offsite works. 

    The company’s On-Site Thermal Metal Spray Coating services are tailored to our industrial customers to provide surface protection solutions on mission critical equipment, which cause large industrial manufacturers around the world significant losses when undertaking repairs, replacement of equipment and lost production. 

    Our Thermal Metal Spray Coating services reengineer and restore the surface of a metal and can therefore be used for any of the following applications:


    • Heat shielding
    • Erosion prevention
    • Insulation



    Thermal spraying
    is widely adopted across many industries and has become a preferred method of repair, some of its benefits include the following:

    • Our Thermal Metal Coating services are designed for the particularly challenging In-situ and On-site conditions 
    • Faster repairs
    • Lower cost equipment repair and corrective action 
    • Increases life span of machinery thereby enhancing ROI
    • Eliminates heating challenges that are associated with other surface restoration methods like welding
    • Wide range of coating materials may be applied, if you can melt it, you can apply it
    • Mature technology with a proven track record across many industries

    For the sake of consistency and due to equipment and technological limitations, a lot of thermal spray coating activities are only carried out in workshops which are purpose designed, equipped with automated equipment, have open workspaces and are kept in a clean state. However due to various solid constraints, in many instances, in situ application may be required; with thermal spray coating having to be done on site. Thereby requiring highly specialised equipment to perform the delicate tasks in the dynamic and harsh environments that may be characterised by several impediments including having to work in confined spaces, dusty environments, moist environments as well the frequent need to exclusively employ manual application methods. 

    Dickinson’s robust, purpose designed, 100% duty cycle thermal metal spray coating equipment maintains exceptionally high levels of performance even under the harshest onsite conditions characterised by the aforementioned impediments. Our team of highly experienced experts has done industry leading training and certification to prepare them for working on large industrial companies with extremely harsh operational environments around the world. The team is readily available, leveraging on the company’s global footprint to respond to customers’ needs wherever in the world they may be with minimal mobilisation times.  



    All methods of thermal spraying involve the projection of small molten or softened particles onto a prepared surface where they adhere and form a continuous coating.

    • High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS)
    • Arc Spray
    • Powder flame spray
    • Flame Spray
    • Plasma Spray



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