Dickinson Group of Companies has 90 years’ experience in providing specialist furnace and industrial services to the mining, metal smelting, mineral processing, power generation and petrochemical refining industries.

Dickinson Metallurgical Advisory Services is a division of Dickinson Group that provides a wide range of consulting services in the base metal pyrometallurgical industry.

The specialised range of niche services include:

Our team of advisors and consultants have extensive years of experience in metals smelting operations, site wide smelter maintenance, projects and offer clients’ world-class and results-driven advice on a wide range of smelter problems and challenges.


  • Reverb Furnace Technology
  • Copper Slag Milling
  • Acid Plant Technology
  • Sampling Optimization
  • Metal Accounting
  • Smelting Optimization Processes
  • Smelter Audits


  • Treating complex concentrates with Ausmelt Technology
  • Handling furnace off gases with high dust loads – eradicate built-ups in waste heat boilers as well as off gas ducts
  • Handling of dusts with high Arsenic, Lead and other heavy metal contents
  • Optimize concentrate and secondary material throughput rates with oxygen enrichment
  • Copper Refining
  • Reverb Furnace Technology
  • Copper Slag Milling
  • Acid Plant Technology
  • Sampling Optimization
  • Metal Accounting
  • Smelting Optimization Processes
  • Smelter Audits
The company possess the capacity, expertise and know-how to conduct metallurgical accounting process including sampling, analysing, and accounting for the metal throughput of metallurgical circuits, providing diagnostic information required for making effective metallurgical decisions. Our technical team of experts can assist clients in improving the existing metallurgical accounting system, or establish a completely new system based on industry best practices and extensive practical experience.

  • Decrease in mine production variability and untracked commodity losses.
  • Better trouble-shooting capabilities for metallurgical process problems or deficiencies.
  • More accurate determination of process efficiency and recovery rates.
  • More informed flowsheet design and modification.
  • Improved information flow to management.

  • Increase in plant efficiency through better diagnostics.
  • Increased ability to accurately check the Mine Call Factors (MCF), when the amount of commodity anticipated by the mine grade control group differs significantly from that accounted for by the mill

Dickinson’s metallurgical accounting experts start the process with a systematic metallurgical plant audit, which consists of a rigorous examination of all the metallurgical accounting systems to ensure all unit operations are effective and appropriate.

The end product will be a system that provides all company stakeholders, including management, marketing, and production staff, with accurate data. The company provides an unbiased, third-party perspective of industry best practices as a benchmark of excellence.

Our highly experienced smelter audit team systematically evaluates the smelter operations, identifying the areas that are not working efficiently, operational bottlenecks and recommend strategic solutions to optimize the plant thereby achieving Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

The purpose of our audit is on evaluating the current smelter performance and reliability of main equipment in view of the production targets. In order to manage smelter operations there is need to measure the parameters and key performance indicators.

Our metallurgical advisory experts perform a full smelter audit, covering all the plant’s departments, with a major focus on:

  • Process Performance Improvement
  • Total Effective Equipment Performance
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Quality

Upon completion of the Audit, a report is issued with a step by step action plan, outlining the potential of Overall Equipment Effectiveness achievable if such actions are implemented.

The company’s advisory service assists clients in identifying possible challenges or problems on the various areas of expertise and find a solution or recommend other experienced individuals or companies who can solve the problem. Our metallurgical advisory service approach is cost effective and in many cases the solutions can be easily identified without the need for costly consulting and advisory firms. Our advisory service is synonymous to a screening exercise whereby we can inform the client on the best approach to follow.


  • Power Generation
  • Slag Milling


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