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    In the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, Dickinson Group of Companies, leading provider of Furnace and Industrial Services to the Mining, Metal Smelting, Mineral Processing and Heavy Industrial Industries offers advanced solutions Big Data – Analytics for the manufacturing industry in association with PEPITe. The solutions can be applied to improve yield, OEE, productivity, quality, energy optimisation and predictive maintenance.

    PEPITe is a Belgium based company with more than 15 years’ experience in predictive analytics solutions for operations and maintenance in industry. The company strives to make a better world with technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Believing that this fascinating technology will help the world and especially industry to overcome extremely complex challenges to improve human well-being, the environment and sustainability.
    Our solutions are built on the emergence of highly evolved sensors, the increasing levels of the internet of things, state of the art Artificial Intelligence’s Machine Learning algorithms and advanced human machine interfaces.

    With industry facing many challenges to improve competitiveness in a global market. “Industry 4.0”, and in particular advanced analytics, can help industrial plants to increase throughputs, yields and reduce specific energy consumption. 

    For many years PEPITe has been working in the steel industry demonstrating added value of advanced analytics to:

    • Accelerate troubleshooting of product quality issues
    • Predict mechanical properties of product to increase throughput
    • Improve energy efficiency
    • Detect early drifts of equipment performance for predictive maintenance



    DATAmaestro software is based on cutting-edge machine learning technology adapted to real industrial challenges. The DATA Maestro solutions can be applied to improve Yield, OEE, productivity, quality, energy optimization and predictive maintenance. DATAmaestro integrates a full-stack of powerful tools to implement a complete Advanced Analytics workflow in a process plant.

    The DATAmaestro software includes the following:

    • FINDIT: Production performance monitoring and optimization in aquaculture (salmon industry)
    • P4A: Performance & Health care for assets (wind turbines, steam turbines, CNC, etc.)
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    Performance optimization based on advanced analytics and operator participation. OPTImaestro defines the roadmap to successfully implement Advanced Analytics projects for process optimization. Inspired by traditional change management practices, our methodology combines operator and engineer knowledge with Artificial Intelligence to ensure sustainable results.


    The benefits of our Industry 4.0 Services include the following:

    • Operator involvement
    • Sustainable continuous improvement culture
    • No capital investment required
    • Fast implementation (less than 6 months) with staff buy in
    • Process improvements:
    • Energy costs reductions (5% – 15%)
    • OEE increases (5%)
    • Maintenance costs increases (5%)
    • Universal machine connectivity
    • Cloud-based or on-premises behind client firewall
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    Our Industry 4.0 Services have been successfully adopted in the following industries:

    • Paper
    • Chemical
    • Steel
    • Cement
    • Mining
    • Oil & Gas


    Tel: +27 (0) 16 421-3720
    Fax: +27 (0) 16 422-1038

    10 Smuts Avenue
    P.O. Box 63, Vereeniging
    1930. South Africa

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