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Thermal oxygen lancing is a very popular, highly effective heavy duty demolition tool that has been widely applied in furnace and heavy industrial demolition.

This article briefly explores thermal oxygen lancing in furnace demolition. The video shows the thermal oxygen lancing of frozen matte inside a Furnace. 

Thermal oxygen lancing is based on the principle that the exhaustible iron pipes burn at very high temperature that may be determined by the burning iron-to-oxygen ratio. One end of the tube is placed in a holder and oxygen is fed through the tube. The far end of the tube is pre-heated and lit by an oxyacetylene torch. An intense stream of burning steel is produced at the workpiece end and can be used to cut rapidly through thick materials including steel and concrete.

In the case of furnaces, the harsh, and extreme physical, chemical and thermal conditions at which furnaces operate result in significant deterioration of the vessels’ mechanical structure with time, resulting in a consistent need for total refurbishment, reinstallation, and maintenance. As such, furnace demolition services are sought out at various points throughout the lifespan of any furnace and thermal oxygen lancing is a vital tool may be employed to fulfil different roles throughout the process.


Thermal oxygen lancing is popularly used in the following activities during furnace demolition activities:

  • Total furnace demolition

  • Cutting sections of the furnace shell

  • Structural steel demolition

  • Furnace runouts (frozen material)

  • Frozen launders

  • Mechanical dismantling of large equipment

  • Blocked tap holes

  • Cutting through concrete

  • Heavy industrial demolition of structures

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