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The kiln is an island without access to it, as such the ­first consideration in Kiln maintenance is a means to get personnel and equipment in and out of the kiln safely.

Bricking Solutions’ Kiln Access Ramp stands out as an innovative and comprehensive solution. The kiln access ramps are engineered to take into account the burn floor configuration as well as a custom fit for the plant to safely and easily provide access into the kiln. Each ramp is custom designed by certified professional engineer, made of high grade 6061-T6 Aluminum. Below are some of the kiln access ramp’s major attributes:


  • Custom designed to a specific burn floor and kiln

  • Can be designed around different obstructions such as; burner tubes, columns, pits, etc.

  • Multiple lead up access points when requested


  • The Access Ramps are designed and tested internally to provide optimal solutions for access, weight, and safety

  • The Access Ramps are load tested to support 6,800 kg (15,000 lb) load capacity

  • Removable Fall Guards are angled for better visibility for vehicle operations


  • Aluminum construction is as strong as steel but 1/3 the weight and allows for quick and easy installation

  • Lifting lugs and modular pieces make installation time 3-4 hours approximately

  • Bridge Feet ensures direct and stable contact with the kiln shell on brick


  • Personnel Ramps are available and allow workers safe access

  • Add a Safety Tunnel to protect workers from falling debris in the cooler hood

  • The bridges can be installed by forklift, a custom designed Load Fixture, or by a Sling in system


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