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DGC Projects provides a range of onsite/in-situ solutions as part of several innovative engineering solutions the company offers to clients in various industries. The onsite/in-situ machining solutions make use of highly specialized portable precision machinery; alleviating the need for stripping, rigging, and transporting items from their site positions. This translates to substantial savings and significant reductions in downtown for customers.


Our experienced technicians are able to work to very close tolerances and provide the necessary precision and finishes required. We also have capabilities to solve unique site-based machining problems by applying redesigning techniques or manufacturing machinery or components to suit clients’ individual needs.


Our onsite in-situ milling equipment and expertise allow us to perform a range of services like milling of base plates, sealing surfaces, grooves, sole plates, key slots, heat exchanger divider plates, etc.



Our Onsite Journal and Keyway Cutting services are employed to remedy damaged or worn shafts using in-situ machining. The damages may include loss of circularity, burrs, damaged keyways, or the need for completely new keyways.


The Journal Cutting Services generally involves machining the outside diameter of a shaft to bring it within desired tolerances of circularity and surface finish. This can be done in situ on shafts from an outside diameter of 50mm up to 500 mm and for up to a length of 1 meter.



DGC Projects provides a portable solution to accurately repair shaft coupling holes without having to dismantle damaged fixed machinery or to remove damaged surface mobile equipment from clients’ sites. This can be done with an extremely high degree of precision in the fraction of the time compared to removing equipment from the site for repairs. Thus, resulting in the reduction of equipment downtime.

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