Dickinson Group of Companies is a leading asset integrity management and industrial solutions company.

    We are customer centric, focusing on helping our industrial customers optimising their maintenance costs and improving plant performance. We strive to achieve this by providing innovative solutions to enhance the service life of their operating assets.

    The company has evolved over the past century from its solid reputation as a leading furnace and industrial services company, providing high added value solutions, mainly in the following sectors: mining & metallurgy, glass, mineral processing and manufacturing industries.

    To assist our customers with their occupational health and safety strategies to prevent and mitigate COVID-19 at the workplace, Dickinson Group of Companies recently partnered with a leading emergency response company to provide a comprehensive COVID-19 Solution.

    This initiative is in line with the company’s strategy; focusing on supporting customers by providing asset integrity management solutions, which include the occupational health and safety of their employees and contractors.


    Our comprehensive COVID-19 Solutions have been designed and selected to ensure maximum efficacy and cost effectiveness.

    Decontamination Solutions

    Our decontamination solutions are rendered by specialist teams with specialised equipment to employ various decontamination technics, including Fogging, Misting, Spraying and Wiping Down.

    We also provide portable decontamination kits for environmental incidents as well as portable collapsible showers for instant decontamination and whole body sanitising.

    Covid-19 Solutions Covid-19 Solutions

    Covid-19 Solutions Covid-19 Solutions

    Covid-19 Solutions Covid-19 Solutions

    Sanitation Solutions

    • Advanced AI Fever Screens: Allow for contactless temperature measurement, with additional AI functionalities that then subsequently manage access and the keep detailed records as required by legislation.
    • VITA Sanitiser / Decontaminator / Disinfectant / Steriliser Solution; has been successfully tested against Covid-19 with resounding success, can be safely used on the whole body as a sanitizer and can be applied in any working environment without having to vacate the premises.
    • Spraysafe Tunnels: Sanitise mass entrance and exit points using high pressure (60 bar) to create an effective fine mist of Advanced VITA to ensure full body and shoe coverage. The system can sanitise an excess of 430 people per hour whilst ensuring full coverage.
    • Personal Protective Equipment: We supply and deliver all types of masks, Coveralls, Aprons, Face Shields, Gloves, SCBA Sets as well as all types of medical related equipment & PPE.

    Covid-19 Solutions Covid-19 Solutions

    Covid-19 Solutions Covid-19 Solutions

    Covid-19 Solutions Covid-19 Solutions

    Consultancy & Training                                                

    Dickinson Group of Companies also provides a range of consultancy and training services to assist clients in implementing effective decontamination and sanitation programs.

    For more information please contact our Sales Manager; Mr Thando Mlamla on +27 (0) 71 249 1443 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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