25 Years of Furnace Demolition Projects

This year Dickinson Group of Companies’ Furnace Demolition Services Division celebrates 25 years of supporting industrial furnace operators across Africa, South East Asia and beyond.

The division was established in 1995 with a mission to offer a complete range of Specialist Furnace Demolition Services to the mining, metal smelting, mineral processing and industrial sectors. Today, the division has established itself a market leader in these sectors; successfully completing numerous demanding furnace demolition projects annually. This article will briefly highlight some of the division’s achievements to date.

Furnace Demolition  Furnace Demolition

Furnace Demolition Furnace Demolition


The division has been fully committed to continuously improve its capacity, technologies, expertise and know-how in order to undertake even the most complex furnace demolition projects. The Furnace Demolition Services Division utilises equipment and methodologies which are highly advanced for improved and safer access to challenging sites. The division’s range of demolition services may be summarised as follows:

Safety and Efficiency considerations

Dickinson Group of Companies’ Furnace Demolition Services Division employs modern, advanced and purpose-designed mechanical remote controlled demolition equipment to perform demolition tasks. The techniques significantly reduce the amount of direct physical interface between personnel and demolition actions thereby drastically improving the safety profile of the furnace demolition works in comparison to manual techniques. The techniques also substantially reduce the man hours required to perform demolition tasks; reducing shutdown durations and rendering the techniques more cost effective.

Furnace Demolition Furnace Demolition

Furnace Demolition Furnace Demolition


The division now employs the following technologies:

Major Clients

The Furnace Demolition Services Division’s client base has extensively grown to include several major blue-chip companies like Anglo Platinum, Rio Tinto, Glencore, Samancor, BHP Billiton, ArcelorMittal, Lafarge Holcim and many others.


The division provides a wide range of customised furnace demolition solutions for several industries including the following:

Furnace Demolition Furnace Demolition