Industrial Corrosion Protection

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Industrial Corrosion Protection

Due to its high strength and ductility, steel is widely used in industrial and engineering structures. However, corrosion of steel often leads to degeneration in its properties, waste of resources, safety problems, and environmental issues.

Corrosion is a natural process that cannot be prevented and takes on many forms, depending on the type of material, the environment in which the material resides as well as the duration of exposure to the environment. Nonetheless there are numerous processes which intervene with the corrosion process that can be implemented in order to inhibit this adversary.

Corrosion resistant linings and coatings have been widely adopted as a major defense against corrosion. Traditional methods of improving coating / lining performances were mainly focused on increasing the thickness of the coating or increasing the content of active metal powers and new protective fillers; yet with each improvement came with significant increases in costs. In order to reduce the costs and achieve functionally acceptable performance, a new generation of high-performance protective coatings / linings have been developed to provide long-life anti-corrosion, as well as other functions.

Dickinson Group of Companies’ Industrial Corrosion Protection Services team is fully dedicated to extending optimized new generation corrosion protection solutions to the mining, metals smelting, mineral processing, thermal power generation and petrochemical refining industries. The company’s scope of Corrosion Protection Services includes the following: