Remote Controlled Mechanised Mining Services

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    Remote Controlled Mechanised Mining Services

    Our Remote Controlled Mechanised Mining Services are specially tailored for high risk areas in underground mining and may assist miners in managing their safety profile while maximising their efficiencies and productivities.

    The highly robust, purpose designed machines are safely controlled by operators at safer locations while the machines execute commands within the high risk environments. The company has packaged a number of customized solutions that are tailored for unique underground challenges including but not limited to the following:

    Major Accumulations of Mud and Spillage

    One of the main challenges that the underground mining faces today is the constant mud build ups in cross-cuts and haulages; particularly at the points where ore is collected from ore passes and transfer boxes. This renders the tracks in very poor condition for rail bound vehicles and may eventually result in derailments. The rail systems eventually become very unsafe for personnel. Our remote controlled mining services allow for the efficient, safe and regular clearing of mud buildups with minimal interruptions to a mine’s regular activities. This improves the safety profile of the operations and allows for the recovery of ore spillages.

    Remote Controlled Mechanised Mining Remote Controlled Mechanised Mining

     Old Abandoned Cross Cut Vamping

    Millions in Gold revenue that was never vamped / vacuumed lie idle in abandoned cross-cuts. The Brokk machine, with its ability to operate in areas that are not accessible to personnel, brings the possibility of extracting the free gold. It is worth noting that due to its light weight and agility, the effectiveness of the Brokk machine stands out amongst all competing technologies. The remote controlled mechanized mining services give mines access to the idle ores.

    More Underground Solutions

    • Underground Tunneling and Support Installation
    • Mining Opening Up
    • Abutment or Dyke mining done remotely
    • Scalping (barring) of pillars and breaking of large rocks / widening of excavation
    • Support drilling in confined spaces
    • Sludge dam and shaft bottom cleaning
    • Removal and installation of sumps, pumps and generally large object
    • Removal of old and installing of new ring sets
    • Tunnelling (Development)
    • Supporting of tunnels
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