Cement Plant Analysis?

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Cement Plant Analysis?

Operations management, personnel’s judgement and decision making is usually shrouded by cognitive dissonance and habituation.

Psychologically production and maintenance staff on a manufacturing plant become less attentive to their working environment as they work in the perimeter of the Plant space on a daily basis. Human beings’ ability to identify inefficiencies and defects in a specific environment decreases over time when he is exposed to the same environment for extended periods on a daily basis.

This has a detrimental effect on optimization of the maintenance systems by operational and maintenance personnel; extrinsic expert consultancy then fulfills a very important role to conducting regular, periodic plant analysis. The objective of the plant analysis processes is to optimise the refractory and mechanical maintenance through comprehensive plant inspections, evaluations, presentations, discussions, recommendations and capturing all the findings and actions required in a detailed plant analysis report.

Common Flaws and Recommendations

The Plant Analysis processes focus on the initial visual inspection to identify underlying efficiencies which could result in delays or hinder progress during compulsory maintenance shutdowns. Specific attention is given to the following:

Once the plant analysis has been completed a comprehensive report is submitted highlighting potential insufficiencies relating to the plant design, maintenance equipment execution methodology for refractory inventory practices, available storage facilities. The report formulates an approach to continuous improvement of the maintainability and reliability of the plant.