Shear Connectors for Construction Industry

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Shear Connectors for Construction Industry

Shear Connectors are used as an essential component in steel-concrete composite structures, beam design and construction.

Composite construction combines the positive features of steel construction and structural concrete.  This means that a steel skeleton structure is combined with concrete parts so that a joint bearing effect is created.  The steel beams bear the tensile forces, while the concrete bears the compressive forces and provides fire protection.

In composite structures, the connection between steel and concrete must be resistant to shearing stress, so that a composite effect is achieved, resulting in composite action. The use of cold-forged shear connectors allows for composite construction on a large scale. Shear Connectors act as reinforcing members, locking the support structure to the concrete floor. Shear Connectors transfer horizontal shear from slab to beam, causing the two elements to act as a unit. Strength and stiffness of the stud welded Shear Connector section can be increased without using more steel. 

Advantages of Shear Connectors in Construction:

Applications include:

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