Why Dickinson Group of Companies

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Why Dickinson Group of Companies

With the rapidly growing number of industrial service providers coming into the market with different levels of knowledge and experience in the field.

Variability in contractor to contractor services is increasingly becoming a more significant. Depending on the service or product offering in question the variability may be in some of the following aspects:

Considering the momentousness of the potential impact of shortcomings within any of the listed aspects, it is becoming more, important for plant owners to carefully choose their service providers. Our primary focus at Dickinson Group has always been on the customer and not the competition; below is a list of attributes we have bundled together for the benefit of all our clients benefit from our products and services:

OSHAS 18001 Certification

More than 85 years’ experience in specialist furnace and industrial services

Global Alliances

State of the Art Equipment

Global Footprint

Specialist and Experienced personnel

Inherent Innovative Culture

One Personalised Solution

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