Engaging a refractory contractor

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    Engaging a refractory contractor

    An emergency shutdown emanating from unexpected or premature failure of a furnace’s refractory lining often results in severe productivity and revenue losses.

    In today’s ultra-competitive markets any loss is a threat to the very existence of any business, as such it is highly critical that every refractory consuming company in the metal smelting, mineral processing, chemical, refining and power generation industries ensures proper installation, repair, or replacement of refractory linings.

    Engaging the right refractory contractor for this critical job significantly reduces the risk of refractory lining premature failure, thereby leaving the manufacturer to confidently focus on their core business. The following are the most critical points to consider in choosing a refractory contractor:

    • Track Record
    • Safety Record
    • On-Time Completion

    Refractory Installation Refractory Installation Refractory Installation

    With over 80 years of experience in industrial services and maintenance. Dickinson Group has gathered extensive knowledge about industrial furnaces in multiple industries, you can rest assured that you will receive the best team for the job when it comes to refractory lining contractors and refractory installation.

    Dickinson Group of Companies has extensive experience in the installation of various types of refractory materials across a wide range of industries, including:

    • Bricklaying
    • Pneumatic gunning
    • Shotcreting
    • Ramming, pumping, vibrocasting and placement of castables, and ceramic fibre products.

    Refractory Installation  Refractory Installation Refractory Installation

    The Dickinson Group refractory lining contracting service include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Refractory lining inspection and analysis
    • Project management services 
    • Material selection
    • Industrial demolition
    • Technical support during and after the refractory installations and maintenance project is completed.
    • Stock management and procurement during the refractory lining maintenance project

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