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Industrial cleaning and vacuumation for



DGC offers safe, effective, fast, and reliable solutions for cleaning up industrial waste or recovering partially processed material spillages in the mining, metals smelting, mineral processing, and refining industries.

The company has a range of heavy-duty vacuum systems to handle heavy industrial and mining applications. The vacuum units are suitable for suctioning, discharging, and transporting fluid and hazardous substances, such as liquids, sludge, fats, oils, fuels, chemicals, and industrial products.


The state-of-the-art vacuum units handle a diverse range of industrial products including alumina, cement, chemicals, clay, coke, coal, dolomite, dust, foundry sand, grain, grit slag, lime, metal chips, mill scale, oil spills, ore, rocks, and slurries.


  • Vacuum units for material spillage removal and recovery in industrial process plants.

  • Handling of materials in a range of industries, such as copper, gold, alumina, cement, platinum, ferrochrome, iron ore, coal, and others.

  • It offers a safe, reliable solution for cleaning up industrial waste, recovering and recycling valuable raw materials.

  • Ensures ongoing production while maximizing quality and efficiency.

  • The company provides a world-class service to the mining, metals smelting, mineral processing, and refining industries.

  • Safe and effective removal and disposal of dry and wet waste, fast and efficiently.

  • The suction of products in combination with a vacuum unit, storing and bagging in a closed system (free of emissions).

  • Efficient suction capacities with maximum air displacement vacuum units.

  • Large pressure and vacuum tank volume capacity.

  • The company has adopted the latest technologies in compliance with environmental and safety standards.