In today’s competitive and increasingly regulated mining environment, all players in the industry have become more conscious of to the impact of their activities in various aspects including costs, safety and the environment. 

    Dickinson Group of Companies offers Mechanised Mining Services to the mining sector; this involves the use of mechanised mining technics that employ remote controlled Brokk machines. The Mechanised Mining Services are tailored for underground mining, particularly for high risk areas and may assist miners in managing their safety profile while maximising their efficiencies and productivities. 


    Dickinson Group of Companies’ Mining Services Division offers highly innovative, proven and tailor-made solutions to the mining sector, the solutions have been customised for various underground opportunities including the following:

    Major Accumulations of Mud and Spillage

    One of the main challenges that the underground mining faces today is the constant mud build ups in cross-cuts and haulages; particularly at the points where ore is collected from ore passes and transfer boxes.

    This renders the tracks in very poor condition for rail bound vehicles and may result in derailments. The rail systems eventually become very unsafe for personnel.

    Mud accumulations / housekeeping issues


    In some operations the Department of Mineral Resources frequently interrupts operations due to the condition of rails and poor housekeeping in cross-cuts. Such stoppages may affect the whole underground operation or be site specific. However their impact adversely affects both the mine and the economy.

    Old Abandoned Cross Cut Vamping

    Millions in Gold revenue that was never vamped / vacuumed lie idle in abandoned cross-cuts. The Brokk machine, with its ability to operate in areas that are not accessible to personnel, brings the possibility of extracting the free gold. It is worth noting that due to its light weight and agility, the effectiveness of the Brokk machine stands out amongst all competing technologies.

    Mud rushes


    Our Offering

    Our teams have a large number of combined years of experience in the vamping and cleaning of cross-cuts and spillage build ups throughout various mining operations. The use of Brokk machines accelerates the process, rendering it ten times faster than the normal conventional methods. All the vamping and cleaning activities are carried out without interfering with the normal day to day activities on the mine. Below is a list of the benefits our clients have reaped:

    • Ore recovery, directly impacting on the mine’s bottom line
    • Additional tonnages to the daily targets
    • Clean cross-cuts, allowing water to run in drains and not over rails
    • Elimination of the derailments linked to mud build ups
    • Reduction of rail damages caused by mud and water
    • Cost savings as the service life of rail equipment is prolonged for example rails, rail switches, sleepers, etc.
    • Safer rail bound environment – less damage to the units as the state of the rails are improved.
    • Increased compliance with the Department of Mineral Resources’ regulations

    After making use of the Brokk to drill, suppport and clean mud spillage

    4.5 magnitude Seismic event damaged haulage

    The Brokk 160 in a damaged area

    After Sales

    Dickinson Group of Companies provides a global service network with local presence in several locations across the region. The company has several experienced personnel that are dedicated to provide services to the mining sector. The Brokk machines enable access to areas that was not always safe. An experienced operator remotely operates the unit from a safe area and an experienced Millwright that is readily available to service and or do repairs on any possible breakdown the unit may incur. Furthermore, Brokk machines can be fitted with many different tailor made attachments; allowing them to perfom a range of complex tasks.

    Underground Construction

    Brokk machines are specially designed for confined spaces, as such they thrive in underground construction. Their three-part arm system provides extraordinary flexibility and reach and the wide variety of powerful attachments allows for the accomplishment of even the toughest tasks.

    The Brokk machine is constantly used in the lifting and removal of old heavy pipes, rails and can assist in replacing the old with new.

    Before Installation of new ring sets

    After installation of new ring sets 

    The three-part arm system can work with precision to fit heavy pipes and rails in no time.

    Underground Tunneling and Support Installation

    The Brokk 300 and its wide range of attachments is widely used to handle a full range of tasks including the following: 

    • Drilling cross-cuts and Haulages
    • Large Excavations
    • Installation of the required support (in less than 60 seconds per support and shot hole)
    • Drilling blast holes at any angle
    • Shotcreting

    Before tunneling and support installation

    In fact, the Brokk 300 has a proven track record in achieving 52m per month at an average of 2,23m per blast on a single shift development in 23 working shifts, opening possibilities of achieving even more on multi shifts.

    Mining Opening Up

    The small Brokk machines are undoubtedly the future in the safe opening up of seismicity or time deterioration damaged areas. The machine’s remote, radio-controlled handling allows the operator to overlook the job from a safe comfortable position with no risk of injury from falling debris.

    More Underground services

    • Abutment or Dyke mining done remotely

    • Scalping (barring ) of pillars and breaking of large rocks / widening of excavation

    • Support drilling in confined spaces

    • Sludge dam and shaft bottom cleaning

    • Removal and installation of sumps, pumps and generally large object
    • Removal of old and installing of new ring sets
    • Underground silo cleaning
    • Tunnelling (Development)
    • Supporting of tunnels

    Operation Advantages

    The combination of our full range of machines, attachments and crews, with vast experience in the mining sector, having full understanding of production and legal pressures in the mining environment, places us in a position to provide comprehensive solutions to all challenges.

    Financial Benefits

    • Ore recovery, directly impacting on the mine’s bottom line
    • Reduction of rail damages caused by mud and water
    • Maintenance cost savings as the service life of rail equipment is prolonged for example rails, rail switches, sleepers, etc.

    Brokk Safety in the Underground Environment

    Dickinson Group of Companies’ Mining Division operates according to international best practices to achieve the highest levels of Health, safety, environmental controls and quality and adheres to OSHAS 18001 accreditation. 



    The safety of our employees and contractors is an integral part of our business with the goal of zero harm.

    Allow the Brokk to do the dangerous work and minimize the exposure of personnel to falling rock and other debris in high risk areas.



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