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    Established in 1995, Dickinson Aluminium Smelter Services (DASS) is a division of Dickinson Group of Companies, the leading provider of Furnace and Industrial Services. Dickinson Aluminium Smelter Services Division has executed aluminium smelter projects, supplied products and services to numerous countries around the globe including; South Africa, Mozambique, Iceland and United Arab Emirates.

    DASS leverages on its vast experience, extensive knowledge base and resources to carryout turnkey refractory projects and specialized site-wide aluminium smelter maintenance across the globe. With more than 100 years of the group’s combined experience in the specialized field of refractories, the company renders a professional service, with dynamic management, experienced supervision, highly skilled and motivated personnel, modern equipment and operations methods, with a high regard for safety, health, environment and quality, to offer clients cost-effective, 

    tailor-made solutions and supply a professional turnkey service to the aluminium smelting industries.

    The company has developed extensive experience in providing the complete range of specialist site-wide aluminium smelter services, initial construction, operation and maintenance projects including:
    • Carbon Plant Construction and Initial Maintenance
    • Casthouse Plant Construction and Initial Maintenance
    • Reduction Plant Construction and Initial Maintenance 
    • Aluminum Smelter Operation and Maintenance
    • Site-Wide Aluminium Smelter Services


    Dickinson Aluminium Smelter Services has extensive experience in providing the complete range of specialist maintenance services to the Carbon Plant including:

    • Refractory maintenance of anode baking furnaces involving flue wall demolition
    • Building and installation of new wall sections, as well as ongoing flue wall maintenance

    • Manufacture and installation of precast top blocks,
    • Relining of anode rodding induction furnaces,
    • Head wall repairs and cross over inspections,
    • Head wall pillar replacement,
    • Supply of carbon technical management.

    In the casthouse, the molten aluminium is poured from the crucibles into mixing furnaces, where various metals are added to the aluminium to bring its chemical composition up to customer specifications. In the casthouse, numerous products are cast in a variety of casting machines. The mixing furnaces, holding furnaces, crucibles and ladles refractory lining wear over time and require refractory maintenance and repairs. 

    Dickinson Aluminium Smelter Services has extensive experience in providing the complete range of specialist maintenance services to the casthouse including: 

    • Refractory maintenance services to holding and melting furnaces
    • Manufacture and installation of precast launder blocks
    • Supply and installation of refractories to metal and bath ladles
    • Repairs and vacuum -testing of the ladle shells
    • Core sampling and lining analysis
    • Burner replacement


    Dickinson Aluminium Smelter Services has developed extensive experience in pot line reduction operations to provide a complete electrolysis maintenance service including:

    • Removal and re-installation of pots
    • Removal and refurbishment of superstructures
    • Installation and 24-hours standby in-situ repairs of bus-bar systems
    • Manufacture, repair and installation of bus-bar sections from sub-station to pots and associated switch linking
    • Maintenance and repair of riser flexible
    • Re-facing and machining of short circuit wedges
    • Oxy-lancing or pneumatic cutting of metal spillages

    • Aluminium welding in the magnetic field
    • Spout replacement and refurbishment
    • Basement cleaning, raw material handling, sorting, packaging and material sampling
    • Smelter wide plant mechanical services
    • Pot de-lining and re-lining
    • Cathode sealing
    • Pot preparation, skimming and start-up
    • Pot autopsy's
    • Potroom Mechanical Works


    Dickinson Aluminium Smelter Services has made strong inroads in providing permanent solutions to operations, maintenance and revamping of productivity in Aluminum Smelter plants. This specialised field requires critical skills, experience, knowledge and enables the Aluminium Smelter to contract Dickinson Aluminium Smelter Services to operate and maintain thier plant. In doing so, DASS guarantees output levels for an agreed price per tonne or as per individual project agreements. Our company takes full responsibility for the plant performance and the client only accounts for certain basic provisions (fuel, raw materials, power). As an experienced service provider in the Aluminum Industry, the Company has evaluated the best team of operations personnel and qualified engineers. 

    The Company is equipped with all modern equipments, tooling, instruments and techniques for identifying and rectifying defects, optimizing plant operations and maintenance. When the O&M contract expires, the plant will be returned in optimal working condition, including a competent, engaged and organised workforce, all the required computer hardware and software, as well as tools and equipment used for operating the plant. 

    The service portfolio covers the entire spectrum of operation and maintenance of Aluminum Smelter plants including annual O&M contracts. The scope of operations & maintenance services covers:

    • Potlines
    • Carbon Plant
    • Cast House
    • Switchyards and Rectifiers
    • Complete Utilities
    • Technological Vehicle
    • Other Associated Assets 

    • Sustainability, safety, legal and statutory compliance
    • Calibrations
    • Integrated Management system (quality, safety and environment), other ISO standards, environment norms, quality,
    • Vendor’s stores, 
    • Firefighting teams and systems
    • Hazardous / non-hazardous waste management etc.

    Furthermore the DASS also offers additional services to the Aluminum smelters including:

    • Specialised industrial cleaning services
    • Silo cleaning and blockages
    • Metal recovery
    • Pitch tank cleaning
    • Smelter operations advisory services
    • Dense phase line cleaning maintenance
    • Air slide and GTC ducting
    • GTC filter changes

    Dickinson Aluminium Smelter Services has extensive experience in potroom mechanical works ranging from fabrication and installation of aluminium busbars including installation of potshells and superstructures for pots. The scope of potroom mechanical works includes the following:

    • Designing and fabrication of production jigs for fabrication of aluminium bus bars to designer’s specifications, within an extremely high degree of accuracy (+/- 3mm over 16 000mm).
    • Fabrication of aluminium bus bars in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications, with full traceability to each weld carried out per bus bar and development of quality dossier to record this information.
    • Generation of weld maps and control on the main weld connections.
    • Setting up of independent Quality Control functions.
    • Modification of transportation jigs to increase stability and reduce distortion of the bus bar during transport.


    • Installation of bus bars on site.
    • Installation of pots shells.
    • Installation of superstructures.
    • Setting up of welder training facilities to confirm welder qualifications in terms of BS EN 287 Part 2: 92 in co-operation with the Independent Inspection Authority.
    • Installation of approximately carbon steel compressed airline header, take-off’s feeding into the superstructures, hydrostatically tested on test pressure.
    • Installation of stainless steel potable water piping complete with emergency showers, drinking fountains and eye wash facilities.
    • Erection, load testing, commissioning and dismantling of cranes for use during the construction phase of the project.
    • Installation of baffle plates and claustra walls to control air flow through the pot rooms.

    Potroom Mechanical Installation



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