Dickinson Group of Companies was founded in 1910 and has 90 years’ experience in providing specialist furnace and industrial services to the mining, metals smelting, mineral processing and heavy industrial sectors.

    The company has been notably involved with numerous cement plant projects, initatial construction, upgrades, shutdowns and maintenance services throughout sub-Saharan Africa including  South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Senegal, Benin, Egypt and the Peoples Republic of China. 

    The Group is a leading service provider to the large, global and diversified cement and lime companies. In this regard, Dickinson Group of Companies works in close partnership with its customers to consistently offer services that increase productivity and performance, while reducing their costs.

    The Division focuses on the provision of maintenance, upgrades, retrofits and shutdowns services to the cement industries. The Group has business operations throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, with offices in South Africa, Zambia, and Egypt. The company has developed a wide range of high quality niche products and services, for the cement industry which are underpinned with superior technical expertise, delivery performance, and outstanding customer service including:


    • Hot Kiln Alignment
    • Rotary Kiln Services
    • Mechanical and Electrical Contracting
    • Onsite Machining
    • Tyre and Roller Grinding
    • Girth Gear Machining
    • Rotary Mill Services
    • Fives FCB Technologies 
    • Fives Pillard Combustions Systems

    A cement plant upgrade, retrofit or shutdown requires a wide variety of skills and expertise and it takes a dedicated team of professionals to successfully oversee. Dickinson Group‘s Cement Division plans, executes, manages and takes sole responsibility for the entire scope of work and delivers the plant ready for operation.

    The range of service offerings includes all refractory and project management works on cement plants including the following:

    • Project and construction management
    • Civil and structural works
    • Refractory materials management
    • Quality assurance and control systems
    • Demolition of refractory linings
    • Design, manufacture and installation of anchor systems
    • Manufacture of customised precast refractory shapes
    • Installation of refractory materials
    • Hot sealing and insulation
    • Drying and curing of refractory linings


    The majority of problems associated with rotary kilns and dryers can be attributed to misalignment. As such, comprehensive hot kiln alignment ensures that rotary kilns are able to achieve maximum efficiency throughout their service lifespan, whilst eliminating unforeseen breakdowns. 

    Dickinson Group performs Hot Kiln Alignment in alliance with Fives FCB, a member of the Fives Group. The company’s hot-kiln alignment services results in the provision of the following:

    • Current rotary kiln alignment status
    • Condition of the tyres and trunnion rollers including tyre chairs and tyre stops
    • Tyre and trunnion roller running face profiles
    • Measurement of roller parameters
    • Trunnion roller inclinations
    • Kiln adjustment programme and schedule
    • Kiln thrust and mechanical balance
    • Mechanical balance of the hydraulic system pressure
    • Drive-mesh inspection
    • Tyre and girth gear wobbling
    • Girth-gear radial run-out
    • Accurate measurement of kiln-shell profile
    • Kiln-shell 3D model
    • Mechanical and temperature crank formation
    • Tyre migration and shell-ovality tests
    • Analysis of loads, pressures and stresses
    • Stiffness matrix
    • Advanced kiln modeling
    • Comprehensive test of kiln mechanical parameters
    • Brick fall prediction model
    • Comprehensive diagnosis integrating prioritized recommendations in a documented report
    • Implementation of the necessary adjustments by our experts
    • Tailor-made technical support depending on your priorities, through a wide range of additional services (drive audit and adjustment, on-site machining for rollers and tyres, replacement or upgrading works)
    • Civil measurements (civil piers supports, mapping of the environment, slope etc)
    • Mechanical measurements (frames, supports etc)
    • Thermal measurements
    • Rotating parts audit (theoretical axis of the tyres, real shell axis etc)
    • First diagnosis and on-site debriefing 

    Optional Audit: Shell Deformation

    For a more comprehensive audit, the company carries out, as an option or a stand-alone service, the shell deformation expertise:
    • Measurement of the shell deformations
    • Shell ovalities determination
    • 3D video modeling kiln behavior
    • Bricks fall risks prediction according to FCB model
    • Conclusion and recommendations


    • Detailed audit report with 3D presentation of the measures (geometrical, mechanical and thermal analyses)
    • Detailed recommendations with prioritized action plan for maintenance operations
    Intervention and Follow-Up

    The Rotary Kiln adjustment is performed by a mechanical expert, according to the audit results.


    Our Rotary Kiln Services provides specialist services for rotary kilns and mills for the cement, lime and mineral industries. Having a team focused on rotary mineral processing vessels, has enabled our company to offer customers expert services at faster response times, lower travel costs and a local contact to call when required.  

    Our rotary kiln and mill services include comprehensive inspection, troubleshooting, root cause analysis, installation, maintenance, repair work, technical guidance and support.

    Our expertise on rotary kilns and dryers include the following:
    • Installation on new rotary kilns and dryers
    • Kiln shell portion replacement
    • Replacement of tyre, rollers and thrust rollers
    • Tyre and floating shim supply, replacement and retrofits
    • Girth gear and pinion replacement
    • Kiln drive unit expertise
    • Kiln upstream seal replacement 

    Kiln downstream replacement

    • Hydraulic thrust roller replacement, retrofit and installation
    • Tertiary Air Duct damper supply, installation and replacement

    Our expertise on mills include the following:

    • Global Mill Refurbishment
    • Mechanical expertise on Ball Mills
    • Ball Mill Drive Unit Maintenance
    • Mill shell portion replacement
    • Installation on new mills 

    Our mechanical experts have extenisve experience and are highly qualified to handle the most demanding maintenance projects and shutdowns in the cement, lime and mineral processing industries. With offices across Africa and Asia including South Africa, Zambia, Egypt and the Peoples Republic of China, the company delivers cutting edge service technology that is highly competitive and cost effective. The company’s expert services are aimed at increasing plant and process equipment efficiency and productivity while reducing cost. 

    Dickinson Group Onsite Machining Services provides ‘on line and insitu’ tyre, roller and thrust roller grinding service, which enables worn or damaged running faces of tyres, rollers, thrust rollers to be machined flat and parallel, while the vessel is in operation.

    Rotary kilns, dryers and mills operate under harsh extreme conditions characterized by heat, dust, chemical, mechanical stresses and long running hours during their service life. The tough operating conditions results in most tyre and rollers wear, forming a convex, concave and conical shape including spalling, pitting and ultimately fatigue failures. The uneven wear on rollers and tyres of rotary kilns and dryers causes surface deformations that result in reduced contact on surfaces and the following issues amongst others:

    • Trunnion roller inclinations
    • Increased vibrations attributed to un-even surface contacts
    • Increased and un-even wear on Girth gear
    • Damage to Kiln Seals
    • Increased wear on tyres and rollers
    • Thrust roller premature failure
    If not well managed or attended to urgently, the aforementioned factors adversely affect the alignment of the kiln and accelerate shell deformation. Conventional correction measures would result in downtime as the tyres and rollers would have to be removed, machined and reinstalled. 

    With state-of-the-art equipment and technology in its possession, Dickinson Group undertakes on-site and in-situ or in-place tyre and roller grinding services to numerous clients across the globe. Our field engineers and technical specialist are always available to attend to your technical challenges whenever required.

    Objectives of Surface Grinding / Machining:
    • Restore surface condition(s)
    • Eliminate imperfections
    • Normalise equipment status prior to mechanical & geometric alignment (e.g rotary kiln hot and cold alignment)


    • Rotary Cement Kiln tyres, support rollers and thruster rollers
    • Rotary Dryers’ tyres, support rollers and thruster rollers
    • Granulator and Trommels Tyres and Rollers
    • Rotary Mills shafts (Ball Mill Shaft Turning and Grinding)

    FCB Nova Gear is a unique and patented industrial on-site machining solution for girth gears on rotating tubular vessels. It is a proven machining technology that extends the lifespan of Girth Gears through state-of-the-art machining of the gear teeth.

    It is the ultimate alternative solution to girth-gear reversal. The FCB Nova Gear and FCB Scan Gear diagnosis may be utilised simultaneously for comprehensive girth gear surveys and machining expertise.


    Customer benefits

    • Correction of wear defects at the lowest cost
    • Quality measurements before and after on-site works
    • Detailed diagnosis and report with adapted manufacturer recommendations
    • Quick on-site works without dismantling or shutting-down the equipment to limit the impact on the production
    • Commitment on results and guarantees on the geometry and surface quality. 


    • Refurbishment of any large, straight cut toothed girth-gear installed on rotating tubes (kiln, mill, dryer, calciner)
    • Tooth width: 400 to 850 mm
    • Module : 20 to 40
    • External diameter: 3,600 to 12,000 mm
    • Correction of wear defects arising on tires, rollers, tire lateral side, thrust roller
    • Works done on all types of mills (tires, shoe) and rotating tubes (calciners, kilns, dryers) regardless of the manufacturer
    • Repair of all type of surface deteriorations: faceting, scratches, scaling, material creep, flatness defects, conicity of rolling components, concentricity

    Equipment Installation Services

    Even the best equipment needs to be installed correctly in order to perform to design specification levels and positively contribute to the achievement of an organization’s strategic goals in a sustainable manner. Our specially trained and well experienced  engineers, technicians, millwrights are knowledgeable and sufficiently skilled to install a wide range of equipment in the cement, lime and mineral industries. Our teams deliver the equipment ready for operation within mutually agreed timelines and budgets.

    The equipment installation process include the following: 
    • Loading and unloading
    • Installation 
    • Permitting and testing
    • Logistic services
    • Rigging and hauling plans
    • Aerial lifting
    • Specialized methods of transport

    Mechanical Installation Services

    Our range of Mechanical Installation Services includes the following:

    • Installation of industrial machinery, equipment and production lines
    • All types of piping work 
    • Prefabricated buildings
    • Steel structures
    • Plant outages and shutdowns
    • Manufacturing and installation of tanks
    • Manufacturing and installation of ducts, chimneys, and cyclones
    • Thermal insulation systems
    • Central A/C systems, district cooling systems
    • Installation of boilers and water treatment systems
    • Firefighting systems
    • Mechanical Equipment Installations and Removals on Pumps, ID & FD Fans, Blowers, Primary and Secondary Crushers, Mills, Overhead Cranes, Drag Chain Conveyors and Conveyor Belts
    • Greenfield and Brownfield Mechanical Projects
    • Projects Commissioning 

    Electrical Installation Services

    Our range of Electrical Installation Services includes the following:
    • Industrial, commercial and residential machineries
    • Low and medium tension lines
    • Generators, synchronizing panels, distribution/control panels
    • Complete power and control for pumping stations
    • Lighting and power distribution for roads and sports complexes
    • Control systems
    • Automation

    Skills and Expertise

    Our scope of skills and expertise include the following:
    • Project Management
    • Principle Contractor of large Maintenance Projects
    • Welding Supervision 
    • Pressure Welding
    • Industrial Fitting
    • On Site Machining
    • Scaffolding
    • Rigging / Advanced Heavy Lifts
    • Engineering & Design Support
    • Fabrication

    Process Equipment Maintenance Scope 

    Our scope of maintenace covers the following process, electrical and mechnical equipment:
    • Crushers  and Mills
    • Stackers and Reclaimers 
    • Rotary Kilns 
    • Overhead Cranes
    • Pumps
    • Compressors
    • Boilers
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Roots Blowers
    • Material Handling systems including conveyors, bucket elevetors and air slide conveyor. 
    • Grate, Rotary and Planetary Coolers
    • Filteration Systems 

    Dickinson Group of Companies in alliance with Fives FCB and Fives Pillard provides cutting technologies and process equipment for crushing, grinding, pyroprocess, combustion and gas treatment. The company is the appointed agent of Fives FCB and Fives Pillard for a vast number of countries in sub Saharan Africa including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa.

    The products and service technology offerings include the following:

    FIVES FCB Services: 

    • Hot & cold kiln alignment
    • Mechanical audit
    • FCB Nova-Gear® 
    • On-site machining
    • Operation services 
    • Spare parts 
    • Mechanical work supervision 
    • Technical Services Agreement 
    • Mechanical revamping 
    • Kiln seal replacement 
    • Supporting shell replacement 
    • Grinding plant modernization

    FIVES FCB Products 

    • FCB Horomill® 
    • FCB Rhodax® 
    • FCB VIF™ Crusher
    • FCB B-mill  

    • FCB E-mill 
    • FCB TSV™ Classifier (Dynamic Separator) 
    • FCB Flash Dryer 
    • FCB Kiln 
    • FCB Preheater
    • FCB Zero-NOx Precalciner 
    • FCB By-pass system


    Fives Pillard designs and supplies combustion solutions which combine high industrial performances with sustainable development. These reliable and premium technologies improve product quality while reducing the operating costs & environmental footprint of the plants. 

    Fives Pillard’ process equipment enables energy consumption reduction and polluting emissions as well as to use a wide variety of fuels including alternative ones such as: 

    • Pillard Control System 
    • Pillard Fuel Handling Systems 
    • Pillard HeatGen 
    • Pillard Neutrinox™ 
    • Pillard NovaFlam® 
    • Pillard PrecaFlam™ 
    • Pillard RotaFlam®



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