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high pressure and ultra high pressure water blasting


DGC provides a complete range of (High Pressure / Ultra High Pressure) HP/UHP Water Blasting services. Our state-of-the-art technologies ensure that the services are completed in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Using the company’s automated systems eliminates human errors and any other operator variabilities in the process while significantly reducing the cleaning time. While improving the ergonomics.



The company uses HP/UHP Water Blasting (Between 20000 and 40000 psi) to remove hardened process-related deposits on efficient heat exchanger systems thoroughly and cost-effectively. The modern automated systems are more effective and more operator‐friendly. Regular cleaning allows the ultra-efficient heat exchanger systems to maintain optimum levels of operational efficiency; ensuring efficient heat transfer and lowering operating costs.


Pipes used in the industry often become corroded, scaled up, or even completely blocked. Our HP/UHP Water Blasting Pipe Cleaning Systems are used to effectively clear blockages and remove scaling from pipes and drains using water jets at pressure ranges between 500 and 3000 bar. The spent water flushes the debris through the open end of the pipes.



UHP water jets penetrate the surface initially making contact with the steel surface. As they ricochet off the surface, they lift any existing coating and contaminants from the steel surface. This makes UHP far more efficient in preparing steel surfaces for lining or coating. The fact that there are no added contaminants makes UHP surface preparation extremely environmentally friendly.       


DGC's Cold Cutting systems give highly precise cuts while eliminating heat-affected zones, toxic fumes, recast layers, work hardening, and thermal stress. These systems are ideal for cutting heat-sensitive materials.

The addition of abrasives onto UHP water has turned the waterjet into a modern machining tool for all materials; offering added advantages of reduced dust, cutting oils, vibrations, thermal stress, mechanical stress, and waste products.


Our Hydro Demolition technologies use high-pressure jetting equipment for concrete demolition tasks as an alternative to traditional mechanical methods of concrete demolition. Using HP/UHP Water Jetting for these tasks allows for more efficient and effective and safer services when compared to the other typical concrete breaking techniques. The systems also produce a better surface for concrete repair and protective coatings.

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