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DGC only specifies and utilizes the best-suited solution, whether it be a single, duplex, or triplex system. Epoxy, Polyurethane, Alkaline, or Zinc-Rich coating systems are specified in accordance with ISO 12944-5 which will ensure that the required corrosion protection requirements are met, regardless of the environmental conditions. The company offers solutions covering the entire environment corrosion spectrum from C1 to CX as described in ISO 12944-5.

The company has a range of Acid Proofing and Corrosion Protection Lining systems from Epoxy Novolac FRP Lining systems, resin screeds up to 9mm thickness, and Acid Tiles and Bricks from 15, 25, 38, 51, 65 & 76mm thick. Ensuring the concrete and steel tanks are protected against corrosion to extend the life expectancy of the structure. Suitable for Precious Metal Refineries, Fertilizer plants, Acid plants, Paper Mills, Chemical Processing Plants, and any area exposed to chemicals.

We also offer various aliphatic colour options that will provide protection of the specified system when exposed to extreme UV conditions.



  • Concrete

  • Tanks (concrete & steel)

  • Bund Areas

  • Structural steel

  • Tanks

  • Pipes

DGC understands the importance of a well-prepared and applied lining system due to the submerged conditions the lining will be exposed to. Surface preparation is vital to ensure optimum coating performance and adhesion.

The company will prepare and install the best-suited lining system for corrosion protection against acidic or alkaline chemicals, effluent, or just plain potable water even when exposed to elevated temperatures.

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