Global Alliances

Dickinson Group of Companies is a leading service provider to large, global, diversified minerals and metals companies. The Group works in close partnership with its customers, such that its services increase productivity and performance, and reduce costs. The company undertake this with a wide range of high quality niche products and services, which are underpinned with superior technical expertise, delivery performance, and customer service. The Group’s product range integrates custom-made solutions with internationally sourced and market leading technologies. Dickinson Group of Companies has established strategic alliances with leading technology partners from countries around the globe.

1. Bricking Solutions Inc. (USA)

For over 40 years has been manufacturing custom-made rotary kiln refractory maintenance products including Brick Lining Machine, Kiln Access Ramps, Suspended Platforms and Safety Inspection Cages.

2. Fives Group (France)

Fives, an industrial engineering Group, designs and supplies machines, process equipment and production lines for the world’s largest industrial groups including the aluminium, steel, glass, automotive, aerospace, logistics, cement and energy sectors.

3. Haldor Topsoe (Denmark)

Global leader in catalysis and process technology driving optimal performance within chemical processing, hydro-processing and emissions management.

4. Heinz Soyer GmbH (Germany)

Over the past four decades the company has become one of the global leaders in specialists in the field of high-speed fastening technology.

5. Menco Group (Egypt)

Since its inception in 2006 MENCO has strived to maintain its position as one of the leading Companies in the field of mechanical and electrical in Egypt.

6. M&S Corrosion Control (South Africa)

Specialises in industrial corrosion protection processes; which include, Coating Application, Abrasive Blasting, Shot Blasting & High Pressure Water Cleaning.

7. Taylor Studwelding Systems Ltd (United Kingdom)

Taylor Studwelding Systems is one of the leading international specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of studwelding equipment and weld studs.

8. Vanocur Refractories (USA)

Vanocur is the leader and innovator for the manufacture and repair of coke ovens utilizing the company’s “Big Block Solutions.”

9. ADI Industrial Services (Belgium)

ADI-IS is a service company, incorporated in Belgium, acting worldwide since 1994 and specialized in refractory lining survey of hot blast air circuit of blast furnace stoves. ADI-IS performs inspections in real time using high temperature endoscopy and infrared thermography techniques.

10. SA Platforms Ltd (Zambia)

SA Platforms seeks to be your first choice in Cherry Picker (Lifting Machine) sales, rentals and training. We exist to make your work safe, effective and efficient. That means we help you enhance workplace productivity, which we believe to be a socially responsible practice.

11. Forrest Group Joint Venture

The companies partially or entirely owned by the FORREST GROUP are active in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Kenya, the Republic of South Africa (RSA) and Belgium. The activities of the FORREST GROUP’s companies are highly diversified. They cover different sectors including Sustainable Energy, Public Works, Building, Civil Engineering, Mining and Metallurgy, Food processing, Finance, Health and Trading.


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