Dickinson Group of Companies' vision is to be the leading provider of Furnace and Industrial Services Internationally and select emerging markets by offering:

  • Leadership through innovation.
  • Added value with customised solutions.
  • Continuous improvement and excellence.
  • Committed to premium service.
  • Close customer attention.


Dickinson Group of Companies’ mission is to provide an integrated and multidisciplinary “One Personalised Solution” by providing essential furnace and industrial services, and optimal solutions which increase productivity and performance, and reduce costs for our customers.

The company provides our customers with a wide range of high quality niche products and services, which are underpinned with superior technical expertise, delivery, performance and customer service. The Group’s product range integrates custom-made solutions with internationally sourced and market leading technologies.

We passionately build and maintain solid relationships of respect among ourselves, our customers and our suppliers, embracing openness, trust, teamwork, diversity and relationships that are mutually beneficial.

We are good stewards of every resource in our care, putting health and safety first, being environmentally responsible and supporting our communities.

We conduct ourselves with dignity, adhering to the highest ethical and moral standards.

We understand what our business partners need and want, and ensure that we exceed their expectations.


Tel: +27 (0) 16 421-3720
Fax: +27 (0) 16 422-1038
Email: sales@dgrp.co.za

10 Smuts Avenue
P.O. Box 63, Vereeniging
1930. South Africa