Dickinson Group of Companies founded in 1910, by James Halliwell Dickinson, who was born in England in 1880 and emigrated to South Africa in 1901. In 1910 he formed J.H. Dickinson Construction and after his son was born the company’s name was changed to J.H. Dickinson & Son.

In 1928, Jackie, son of James Dickinson, was engaged as a carpenter for J.H. Dickinson & Son in the building of one of the first blast furnaces to be built in South Africa at Iscor Pretoria (now ArcelorMittal). At the time the company was the first refractory installation company in South Africa.

Dickinson Group of Companies has successfully been trading for more than 100 years, having grown to be one of the world's leading providers of furnace and industrial services, to the mining, metals smelting, mineral processing, petrochemical refining and thermal power generation industries.

- Founding of J.H. Dickinson Construction (Pty) Ltd, as a building construction company, in Vereeniging, South Africa by James Dickinson, great-grandfather of current Chief Executive Officer of Dickinson Group of Companies.

1928 - J.H. Dickinson Construction (Pty) Ltd undertakes construction and refractory installation of the first blast furnace at the new Iscor steel plant in Pretoria. Establishment of John R. Dickinson Refractory Brickwork Specialists (Pty) Ltd by John (Jackie) Dickinson.

1940 - Vereeniging Town Council

1955 - Henley Pipe Company

Four Generations of Dickinson Family: Jackie R. Dickinson - James H. Dickinson - Trevor M. Dickinson
- Neville J. Dickinson

Henley Pipe Company Board of Directors

1910 -
Founding of J.H. Dickinson Construction (Pty) Ltd, as building construction company

1928 - J.H. Dickinson Construction (Pty) Ltd undertakes refractory installation on first blast furnace in South Africa

- Dickinson Group of Companies' logo - No.3 Blast Furnace, Rhodesian Iron & Steel

1966 - Name changed to J.R. Dickinson & Sons (Pty) Ltd – The Refractory Specialists.

1983 - Establishment of Anchor Systems Division

1986 - Establishment of Precast Refractory Division

1995 - Establishment of Dickinson Mozambique Lda

2004 - Name changed to Dickinson Group (Pty) Ltd - Mining, Metals Smelting & Mineral Processing Contractors

2010 - 100th anniversary of Dickinson Group of Companies, trading as a four-generation family business

2013 - Establishment of DG International Ltd (Mauritius) - International Holding Company

2014 Establishment of subsidiary companies:

  • Dickinson East Africa Ltd (Tanzania & Kenya)
  • Dickinson Zambia Ltd (Zambia)

2015 Establishment of Dickinson China Ltd (China)

2017 Establishment of Dickinson South Africa (Pty) Ltd (Furnace Mechanical Division)

2018 Establishment of Dickinson Menco (Egypt)

2018 Establishment of Dickinson M&S Corrosion Ltd (Zambia)


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