Dickinson Group of Companies' Vision is to be a Global Leading Provider of Furnace & Industrial Services

    The company's strategy is to develop our position as a leading provider of specialised furnace and industrial services, with a global reach, and to deliver long-term, sustainable growth through the continued expansion of our products and services.

    Dickinson Group of Companies' strategy is underpinned by:

    • Intentionally reviewing alternative industries and complementary product and service offerings.
    • The development and introduction of new and innovative technologies and solutions.
    • Strengthening and consolidating our position in existing markets through focused organic growth.
    • Expanding into new markets to enhance operational efficiencies, whilst maintaining a dedicated focus on quality and safety.

    The expansion is achieved through the company’s strong client relationships, in-house design, manufacturing and maintenance capabilities, and a commitment to training and development – which allows the Group to exploit its core knowledge and experience. The Group strives to develop customized solutions for all its customers.

    As we expand our footprint into Sub-Saharan Africa together with embarking on our global expansion strategy, it is crucial that we maintain our focus on our performance in our historical markets in Southern Africa.

    To support our strategy the company has two regional focus areas:
    • Enhance our industry leadership in Sub-Saharan Africa - "Sub-African Strategy"
    • Expand our operational footprint internationally into the BRICS countries - "International Expansion Strategy"



    • Expanding into new geographical territories, focusing on Sub-Saharan Africa and the BRICS countries;
    • Expanding the Group’s range of specialist products and services;
    • Maintaining a focus on innovation, while reviewing alternative industries in conjunction with complementary products and services;
    • Implementing an integrated Customer Relationship Management CRM system;
    • Remain dedicated to providing our customers a "One Personalised Solution".


    Dickinson Group of Companies' mission is to provide an integrated and multidisciplinary "One Personalised Solution" by providing essential furnace and industrial services, and optimal solutions which increase productivity and performance, and reduce costs for our customers.

    The company provides our customers with a wide range of high quality niche products and services, which are underpinned with superior technical expertise, delivery, performance and customer service. The Group's product range integrates custom-made solutions with internationally sourced and market leading technologies.


    We passionately build and maintain solid relationships of respect among ourselves, our customers and our suppliers, embracing openness, trust, teamwork, diversity and relationships that are mutually beneficial.

    We are good stewards of every resource in our care, putting health and safety first, being environmentally responsible and supporting our communities.

    We conduct ourselves with dignity, adhering to the highest ethical and moral standards.

    We understand what our business partners need and want, and ensure that we exceed their expectations.



    • Turnkey Furnace Projects
    • Refractory Installation Services
    • Refractory Anchor Systems
    • Precast Refractory Shapes
    • Furnace Demolition Services
    • Heavy Industrial Demolition
    • Industrial Vacuum Services
    • Catalyst Handling Services
    • Silo Cleaning Services
    • Remote Controlled Mechanised Mining
    • Thermal Metal Spray Coatings
    • Industrial Corrosion Protection
    • Acid Bricking Linings
    • Underground Mining Vacuumation
    • Waste Heat Recovery Technology
    • Bricking Solutions Products
    • Metallurgical Advisory Services


    Mining, Metals Smelting, Mineral Processing, Petrochemical Refining, Thermal Power Generation & Heavy Industrial Sectors

    • Aluminium
    • Cement & Lime
    • Copper & Cobalt
    • Chemical & Petrochemical
    • Ferrochrome & Ferromanganese
    • Glass Industry
    • Heavy Sands & Ilmenite
    • Iron & Steel
    • Pulp & Paper
    • Platinum
    • Thermal Power
    • Vanadium
    • Zinc


    Tel: +27 (0) 16 421-3720
    Fax: +27 (0) 16 422-1038

    10 Smuts Avenue
    P.O. Box 63, Vereeniging
    1930. South Africa

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