Aluminium Smelter Services

With the combined experience and expertise, Dickinson ZIS’s vision is to be a leading aluminium solution provider in aluminium smelter and refractory services.

The company has an impressive range of inherent strengths to ensure its success in the industry including, an established foot-print with operations throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, staff experienced in providing specialist furnace and industrial services, together with the employment of in-house skills with a staff compliment of in excess of 800 employees throughout the company’s business operations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The company has developed extensive experience in providing the following complete range of specialist site-wide aluminium smelter services including reduction, carbon and casthouse operations.


  • Refractory maintenance of anode baking furnaces involving flue wall demolition
  • Building and installation of new wall sections, as well as ongoing flue wall maintenance
  • Manufacture & installation of precast top block
  • Relining of anode rodding induction furnaces
  • Head wall repairs and cross over inspections
  • Head wall pillar replacement
  • Supply of carbon technical management


  • Refractory maintenance services to holding and melting furnaces
  • Manufacture & installation of precast launder blocks
  • Supply & installation of refractories to metal & bath ladles
  • Repairs and vacuum -testing of the ladle shells
  • Core sampling and lining analysis
  • Burner replacement

Reduction - Dickinson ZIS has developed extensive experience in pot line reduction operations to provide a complete electrolysis maintenance service including:

  • Removal and re-installation of pots
  • Removal and refurbishment of superstructures
  • Installation and 24-hours standby in-situ repairs of bus-bar systems
  • Manufacture, repair and installation of bus-bar sections from sub-station to pots and associated switch linking
  • Maintenance and repair of riser flexible
  • Re-facing and machining of short circuit wedges
  • Oxy-lancing or pneumatic cutting of metal spillages
  • Aluminium welding in the magnetic field
  • Spout replacement and refurbishment
  • Basement cleaning, raw material handling, sorting, packaging and material sampling
  • Smelter wide plant mechanical services
  • Pot de-lining and re-lining
  • Cathode sealing
  • Pot preparation, skimming and start-up
  • Pot autopsy's

Other Specialised Services


  • Dense phase line cleaning maintenance
  • Air slide and GTC ducting
  • GTC filter changes

Alumnium Smelter Services

Dickinson Group of Companies was founded in 1910 and has more than 85 years’ experience in providing specialist furnace and industrial services to the mining, metals smelting, minerals processing , power generation and petrochemical refining industries.

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