Global Strategic Alliances

Dickinson Group of Companies has established important strategic alliances with leading technology partners from countries around the globe. These countries include: United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Australia and China.

The Group is the exclusive Sub-Saharan Africa distributor of the products and services of the following international companies: Bricking Solutions Inc. (USA), CNBM International Corporation (China), GEOSERVEX S.C. (Poland), Heintz Soyer GmbH (Germany), Taylor Stud Welding Systems Ltd (UK) and Vanocur Refractories (USA).

1. Bricking Solutions Inc. (USA) |

For over 40 years has been manufacturing custom rotary kiln refractory maintenance products which make up our Circle of Refractory Maintenance.


CNBM is the largest building materials and equipment group in China, and is a Fortune Global 500 company. CNBM is a world-leader in Cement, Fibreglass, Composite Materials, Glass, Lightweight Building Materials, Refractory Material and Green Energy.

3. GEOSERVEX S.C. (Poland) |

A pioneering company, with specialised engineering capabilities, offering services in hot-kiln alignment, adjustment and inspections, in 42 countries around the world.

4. Heinz Soyer GmbH (Germany) |

In four decades, the company has become one of the global leaders in studwelding technology.

5. Taylor Studwelding Systems Ltd (United Kingdom) |

Taylor Studwelding Systems is leading international specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of studwelding equipment and weld studs.

6. Vanocur Refractories |

Vanocur Refractories is one of the most reliable coke oven repair and maintenance companies globally.

7. Catalyst Services |

Their specialised focus in the field of catalyst handling services, with many years of industry experience, will assist your company with the challenges faced when reactor turnarounds (shutdowns) are performed.

8. VED |

Total Quality is not an abstract concept but a real Company goal as demonstrated by the ISO 9001 Certificate that D.N.V. (Det Norske Veritas) has been granted in 1994 to confirm VED quality excellence continuously upgraded year by year.


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