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Dickinson Group of Companies has more than 85 years’ experience in providing turnkey furnace rebuild projects services to the mining, metals smelting, mineral processing, power generation and petrochemical refining industries.

The Group was founded in 1910 as a building construction company. In 1928, with the construction of one of South Africa's first Blast Furnaces, was the start of the company's furnace business.

The company has been extensively involved in the initial construction and shutdown projects on industrial furnaces for the metals smelting, mineral process, power generation and petrochemical refining industries throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, and internationally in numerous countries around the globe, including the Middle East, Scandinavia and Latin America.

At the forefront of technology, the Group collaborates with leading engineering and design companies, procuring and manufacturing refractory materials, which comply with stringent quality specifications and are cost effective for the application.

The Group has business operations throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and Asia, with operations in South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia, and representative offices in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Angola.


Turnkey Furnace Rebuild Projects. Dickinson Group’s Furnace Rebuild team can plan, execute and manage any furnace rebuild project on Turnkey Furnace Rebuilds or Furnace Upgrades. The company will take sole responsibility for the entire scope of work and deliver the furnace rebuilt and ready for operation accordingly.

Refractory Installation Services. Dickinson Group of Companies has more than 80 years of experience in the specialised filed of refractories. The company specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of the refractory linings across the complete range of metals smelting, mineral processing, cement & lime, glass, ferrous and non-ferrous, chemical & petrochemical, pulp & pulp and thermal power generation industries.

Furnace & Heavy Industrial Demolition. The company has more than 20 years’ experience, skill and expertise in the execution of demanding demolition projects in Southern Africa. The company has the capacity, technology, expertise and know-how to undertake complex furnace and heavy industrial demolition projects. The equipment utilized is innovative, state-of-the-art and customised for improved access to challenging sites.

Cement Plant Services. Dickinson Group of Companies' Cement Division focuses on the provision of maintenance, upgrades, retrofits and shutdowns services to the cement industries. Our company provides a consolidated and integrated solution offering all disciplines and services on cement plant upgrades, retrofits or shutdowns which can cover an entire scope of work.

Rotary Kiln Services. The company provides on-site specialist services on rotary kilns for the cement and lime industries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our rotary kiln services include troubleshooting and root cause analysis, comprehensive hot kiln alignment, in-situ grinding of tyres, support rollers and thrust rollers, installation, maintenance, repair work, technical guidance and support on all rotary kiln equipment suppliers.

Silo Cleaning Services. Dickinson Group of Companies offers a highly specialised service to the bulk storage and manufacturing industries, through safe and efficient removal of compacted materials from silos. The technically advanced equipment safely and efficiently de-clogs any size or shape of silo, bin, hopper, tank, reactor or chimney.

Industrial Vacuum Services. The company offers a safe, reliable solution for cleaning up industrial waste, recovering and recycling valuable raw materials in industrial process plants. The company has a range of heavy duty vacuum systems to handle the toughest environments for the mining, metals smelting, mineral processing and refining industries.

Aluminium Smelter Services. The company has more than 20 years’ experience in the execution of green-field and brown-field aluminium smelter projects around the world. The company’s site-wide aluminium smelter services includes a range of specialist services including pot de-lining and relining, relining induction furnaces and casting ladles at cathode sealing, relining of metal and bath ladle and cast-house launder lines, repairs to launder lines and cast-house furnaces, anode baking flue wall building, and reduction basement industrial cleaning.

Blast Furnace Services. Dickinson Group of Companies provides specialist Blast Furnace Maintenance Services. The scope of services includes supply and installation of refractory material to maintain the iron troughs, iron overflow, iron runner, dam sections, iron spout, tilter, tilter spout, slag overflow, slag runner, skimmer blocks and tap holes.

Power Plant Services. Dickinson Industrial Services providers a range of specialist industrial services to the thermal power industries. The scope of services includes; boiler cleaning, canal cleaning and industrial vacuumation services, high pressure water cleaning, air cooler cleaning, chemical cleaning, stud removal and welding and refractory installation services.

Bricking Solutions BBS Technical Services. Our goal is to provide your personnel with the knowledge and training to safely assemble and maintain your refractory installation equipment. A formal report will be made and sent with all the recommendations and proposed fixes for your records.
Brokk Maintenance & Repair Services. The company has over the past 20 years gained vast experience in the maintenance and repairs of Brokk machines. With fully equipped workshops, qualified millrights, hydraulic and electrical fault finding, hydraulic pipe manufacture, hydraulic cylinder testing and reconditioning, PLC reprograming, remote cable repairs and Atlas Copco and Montabert hammer repairs, the company provides the industry with 24/7 Brokk repair services.


Refractory Anchor Systems. The company has been designing, manufacturing, delivering and welding standard and custom-made high-quality refractory anchors for almost 30 years. The company manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of anchor products for standard industrial use, through to specialty applications in the mining, metals smelting and mineral processing industries.

Precast Refractory Shapes. The company has more than 25 years’ experience as a leader in the design and manufacture of customised precast refractory shapes. With our world-class production facilities, combined with licence agreements in engineering and design technology the company has the capability to manufacture a wide range precast shapes for various applications.

Refractory Materials. The company represents a number of leading refractory manufacturers from around the world including the complete range of refractory materials including; dense shaped refractories, monolithic refractories, light weight insulation and ceramic fibre products. Dickinson Group of Companies' refractory materials cater to any refractory needs of the metallurgical, mineral processing, thermal power generation and petrochemical industries.

Steel Fibre Reinforcement. Dickinson Group of Companies Anchor Products Division has been designing, manufacturing, and welding standard and custom-made high-quality refractory anchors for almost 30 years. It manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of products for standard industrial use, through to specialty applications in the mining, metals smelting and mineral processing industries. The Division supplies an extensive range of anchors, steel fibres, hex mesh and studwelding equipment. The company's range of steel and polypropylene fibes are used the mining and construction industries.

Bricking Solutions Products. The company has been appointed Bricking Solutions (USA) distributors in Sub-Saharan Africa of their range of custom rotary kiln refractory maintenance products. The range of products includes; bricking lining machines, suspended platforms, kiln access, refractory tear-out, installation equipment and material handling equipment.

Cement Plant Equipment. The company's Cement Division supplies a comprehensive range of products including: Coal Rotor Weighfeeder, Raw Meal Rotor Weighfeeder, Special Valves for Cement Industry, Fuji Morgan Cooler, Slide Gates, High Temperature Rotary Air Lock for Precalciners, Distribution Gates, Pneumatic Flow Control Gate, Classifier, Vertical Raw Mill, Limestone Crushers, Stacker & Reclaimer and Ball Mills.

Cement Plant Spares. Dickinson Group of Companies has established itself as a leading service provider when it comes to cement plant and industrial spares, equipment and other services. The company has extensive experience in providing products and services to the cement industries and provides services to the procurement departments of cement plants across Africa to supply and deliver equipment and spare parts. From Quarry to Packaging, we supply spares for all stages of cement manufacturing including Crusher, Stacker Reclaimer, Mills, Feeder, Preheater, Kiln, Cooler, Filter, Silos and Packaging Plant.

Wear & Heat Resistant Castings. The company supplies a wide range of wear resistant components to the mining, cement, coal power stations, quarries and recycling industries. Dickinson offers products for the mining and quarries sector through a comprehensive range of steels and alloys for the processes to break up and pulverize rocks and minerals in mines and quarries. Our products and projects for the Cement sector cover the integral cement manufacturing process, with parts and components for the grinding of the raw material and cement, preheaters, kilns and clinker cooling, feed systems, other ancillary systems.


  • Waste Heat Recovery Technology
  • Classifier Modification & Mill Upgrading Technology
  • Refractory Management Software
  • Electro-Optics & Infrared Technology

Waste Heat Recovery Technology. Dickinson Energy Recovery Ltd is a professional company engaged in technology development, engineering consultation, engineering design, general contracting and engineering services for waste heat recovery power generation projects in the fields of: cement clinker calcining, glass furnace technology, iron & steel metallurgy, non-ferrous metals smelting, power frequency furnace smelting ferro-silicon, carbon element & alumina refining, Metallurgical materials calcining, bauxcite calcining, chemical industry, fertilizer industry, paper industry and other industries having waste heat resources

Classifier Modification & Mill Upgrading Technology. Dickinson Group of Companies has the technology for Differential Particle Separation System in the cement sector including, Classifier Modification, Cement Mill Upgrades, Cement Mill Modifications and Raw Mill Cyclone Modifications. The DPS System, Differential Particle Separation System, ensures the separation of fines from reject. In this modification we will install a small high efficiency classifier parallel to the existing classifier.

Refractory Management Software. Dickinson Group of Companies represents Eldir System, from Italy with the company's innovative maintenance management platform that is specifically for use in cement plants. The REFRAMANAGER software system uses a single database, which can also be centralised, and this allows the management of all historical data, organized by rotary kilns and static parts and broken down into company, factory, machine and model. The software translates all necessary data into a software platform: for example, all of the significant data that has to be collected and assessed during the planning of maintenance services on kilns and static parts.

Electro-Optics & Infrared Technology. Dickinson Group of Companies represents HGH's rotary kiln scanners and cameras for industrial thermography are used by maintenance staffs of hundreds of cement plants worldwide, for the thermal monitoring of kiln shells and burners. HGH's Industrial Thermography is used by producers of cement, lime, bauxite, fertilizer, or DRI for hot spot detection on rotary kilns, maintenance and energy savings and combustion thermal monitoring.


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